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The most read DorobekInsider posts for the third week of January 2009

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The third week of the new year — and inauguration week… The DorobekInsider reached new records in terms of single day number of visitors… and total number of visitors for the week. As always, thank you very much. That was spurred by the fact that we first reported that GSA had a new acting administrator. Others confirmed the news but, unfortunately, didn’t give credit.

So, the most read DorobekInsider items for the third week of January 2009:

  1. Welcome to 44 — President Barack Obama… and a new White House blog
  2. GSA gets a new acting acting administrator — Paul Prouty
  3. Technology and the Obama administration — insights from the transition team
  4. Some must-reads from Killefer, Obama’s performance person — in her own words
  5. Why blog? And welcome to another government CIO blogger: GSA’s Casey Coleman
  6. Another coup for Cisco: Paul Brubaker? [I should note that, in fact, Cisco’s Brubaker hire was confirmed… and we had him on Federal News Radio 1500 AM’s Daily Debrief with Chris Dorobek and Amy Morris on Friday. If the audio isn’t posted yet, it will be soon.]
  7. Narrowing the Obama CTO list — one big names comes off the list
  8. FEMA administrator in a Twitter first? @FEMAinfocus to answer questions
  9. Your 01.09.08 Federal CTO reader: No official word yet, so… let’s speculate
  10. Government Insights’ crystal ball: More TARP issues, and government 2.0 gets ‘redefined’
  11. Obama CTO this week? Maybe… or maybe not… and a Kundra WP profile
  12. Still don’t get Twitter? A radio explainer
  13. Godspeed John Gioia Nov. 11, 1932-Dec. 26, 2008
  14. VA CIO Bob Howard reportedly has a new gig
  15. HUD CIO Lisa Schlosser to join to EPA
  16. Team Obama’s — abuzz about how it was created
  17. Helping returning warfighters: Operation Jump Start [Reminder that Operation Jump Start is Tuesday night — you can still register … and there are all sorts of ways to help ]
  18. VA CIO Howard lands at FCI
  19. Obama talks government spending transparency in the weekend ‘radio’ address
  20. Hear the Navy CIO talk about the Navy’s Web 2.0 policy
  21. FCW’s Fed 100 Awards: Recognizing the good work done by people in the annual awards program
  22. Most read items for the second week of January
  23. German named acting NASA CIO, Pettus returns to Marshall
  24. 1105 sells Government Health IT
  25. Fed 100 nomination: Navy CIO Robert Carey
  26. Happy birthday to… Anne Armstrong and Paul Brubaker
  27. Federal CIO Council posts its ‘Transition Guide’
  28. Government 2.0 challenges — and some some solutions
  29. Who might be the government CIO… er, CTO

And we have good stuff ahead this week on Federal News Radio 1500 AM’s Daily Debrief with Chris Dorobek and Amy Morris… We’ll be talking about a remarkable, inovative program from the National Holocost Museum that puts genocide on a map so you can really comprehend the nature of the calamity… We’re going to be talking to NAPA’s Collaboration Project team about policies that can help you move from government 2.0 talk to government 2.0 action… We’re going to talk to the remarkable Stanford University Prof. Laurence Lessig about “open” government and “Change Congress.” We’ll work to keep you informed and educated, we hope a bit enlightened… and maybe even enertained… 3-7p ET on Federal News Radio 1500 AM and

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