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So if you wondered what Qwest’s Deirdre Murray does for the weekend, we now know… because we read it on the front page of the Washington Post’s Metro section this morning.

A Social Splash [WP, 09.02.2008]
Group Beach Houses for Over-50 Singles Do a Boomer Business
Mary Lou, Sue, Deirdre, Paull, Joe, Judith and Roy share a group beach house for singles on the Eastern Shore. But it’s not what you think.

This is how the world sees group beach houses: ratty shag carpets and drunken 20-somethings passed out under beer pong tables. Boozy pickups and one-night stands.

This is life at the Cottage, as Mary Lou and the others have dubbed their well-appointed house: tennis matches in the morning and cocktails on the beach in the late afternoon. Their first party this year was a black-tie affair, and a recent dinner featured grilled swordfish steaks and pinot grigio, accompanied by gazpacho served in chilled martini glasses.

And the singles? They’re all over 50. Some are way over 50, though they’d rather not be more specific. ” Nobody knows how old I am,” Cottage member Joe Herbert said.

The Cottage is one of about 10 singles beach houses in Rehoboth and Dewey Beach for the “mature” set. They have names like the Heartbreakers, the Bird House, Sunsations and Summer Dreams. The singles host progressive gourmet dinner parties and take turns throwing the weekly, invitation-only cocktail party.

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