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Doan sings the Army fight song — radio gold!

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Update: I got a correction from Doan. Read that below.
Lurita Doan

Lurita Doan

So some had tried to make it out as if Lurita Doan, for former GSA administrator, and I have some kind of tiff — for the record, we don’t. But I will say that she is always entertaining — she was gold for a magazine editor, and she has been radio gold for Federal News Radio.

Doan, who now does commentary on Federal News Radio 1500 AM’s Federal Drive with Tom Temin and Jane Norris, was on this morning… and apparently Lurita is a big Army fan, so…

She sang the Army fight song this morning. It is radio gold. You can hear it here.

Update: I got an e-mail from Doan correcting me on the song that I pointed to…

I got a call about your blog and your confusion about the lyrics to the Army Fight Song.

Just to set the record straight…the song I sang on FedNewsRadio (albeit WAY off key) was indeed the Army Fight Song and you will hear it being sung by West Point Cadets at every opportunity and especially after every Army score. Here’s a well sung version of the Army Fight Song off the West Point website.

You may want to update your blog because there is a “Long, Gray Line” of West Point grads who are pretty particular about their songs. Don’t mess with their mule either!

What you posted is the Official Army song, “The Army Goes Rolling Along,” which is another wonderful tune but something completely different. I am something of an authority on Army songs and ditties (grandfather was a Buffalo soldier, father was in Army for WWII and Korean War and husband is a West Point grad) and I could go into even greater length if you want to learn even more….You would love “Benny Havens , Oh” and maybe even my personal favorites “Slum and Gravy” and “Army Blue”.

In fact, I feel almost as strongly about Army songs as I do about procurement issues and will always help to set the record straight.

Read the rest of my original post after the break.

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December 2, 2008 at 1:27 PM

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DorobekInsider: Doan-Palin — separated at birth?

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Needless to say, Lurita Doan is a controversial person. As most people know, she does a weekly column for Federal News Radio. This column about oversight was particularly controversial. Frankly, regardless of whether you like or dislike her, it makes for great radio because she’ll say things other people will not say.

But Doan sent out the following e-mail that included this link that had a Doan-Palin separated at birth.

Doan’s note:

A friend just sent this weblink (linking me to Palin) to my attention and I decided to forward it on to you.

I think it is interesting to note, that there are obvious similarities in the “playbook” run by media, namely,

1. Don’t attack the policy, attack the person.
2. Allege “corruption” of whatever action is taken regarding any procurement.
3. Allege “interference” when an executive questions a decision
4. Drag the executive’s young daughter into the mud slinging
5. Crank up the bloggers and the media to spew the mud as thickly as possible.

Quite comical really, but, then again it is effective. Gov. Palin, no doubt, has already gotten used to this…took me a while but eventually I did too.

Have to admit that I rather admire Gov Palin, so if the bloggers and nutjobs want to cite similarities and suggest that we are separated at birth….well there is a lot worse that has been said about both of us.


To be honest, I can understand how difficult it must be to be under the media spotlight. Frankly, we in the media — and the public at large — is quick to judge. And, frankly, we as the media don’t always get it right. And there is often more to the story.

To be fair, it is often difficult to get ‘the rest of the story.’ That often becomes more clear over time, and by the time that picture becomes more clear, we’ve moved on. So I hear — and understand — her frustration.

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September 23, 2008 at 8:37 AM

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