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1105 Media scores with a big return… and a new GovInfo marketing person

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1105govinfoIt has been a tough year for media, but particularly hard on print media — and the business-to-business market has been no exception. In fact, the government, technology, and government technology markets have been no exception. And it has been a tough 2008 for all of the government publications — the 1105 Government Information Group suite of publications…  Government Executive and it’s online sister IT publication, NextGovFederal Times and the entire Army Times Media Group, which includes Defense News… even, to a certain degree, the Washington Post. In fact, Aviation Week and Space Technology recently closed its Cape Canaveral bureau and laid off two seasoned reporters. There are few organizations that have not undergone downsizing to one degree or another.

For journalism, these are not the best of times.

My former employer, 1105 Media, is the biggest player in the government business-to-business business. The publisher of Federal Computer Week and Government Computer News and the FOSE trade show et al,  has taken some public hits of late with some high-profile departures of senior people. Of course, there was some brouhaha about my own departure late int the summer, which spurred questions in the DC media blogospher. 1105’s Government Information Group also lost its marketing guru, Amy Fisher, to Governing magazine.

But if 1105 was ever down, I had little doubt the organization was ever out. The company recently told staff that Doug Mashkuri, who led FCW’s online efforts and had left 1105 a few years ago to be a consultant, is returning to 1105 Media to spearhead the entire organization’s online initiatives. I worked with Mashkuri for years and he is absolutely one of the best — it is a significant score for 1105. He is remarkable — and it is a big score for 1105.

On Thursday, I also confirmed that the 1105 Government Information Group has hired a new marketing director, replacing Fisher. I don’t have her name yet, but… executives tell me that she does have knowledge of the government market, which is so important. Watch for official word this week.

I also hear that there are developments on the FCW editor post. There is much buzz that they are down two two candidates for the FCW editor in chief post — and could have an offer out as soon as this week. I’ve heard at least one of the names — and if true, I’m impressed. My suspicion is that they hope to have a decision very soon — before the end of the year. CurrentFCW editor in chief John Monroe has told staff that he plans to start seminary classes in January and plans cutting back his hours.

I hope — and believe — that 1105 will use this as an opportunity to name an editorial director — somebody who would oversee all of 1105GovInfo’s editorial products. It is a position I argued for strongly when I was there — and that is desperately needed. And it is a challenging job. They need somebody who can lead the magazines. It’s interesting because the question I’ve been asked most since leaving: Why do they need all those publications? In fact, as I said when 1105 (FCW’s owner) purchased PostNewsweek (GCN, Washington Technology, and FOSE), there is an opportunity to offer more depth. I’m not sure readers — nor advertisers — have been sold on the need for the various publications, to be honest. I did — and do — believe that there is a great opportunity to cover more of the market and I think an editorial director would be a big step to making that happen.

It’s a very tough time for media — and it has been particularly tough on print. But 1105 has some of the best minds in the business with 1105 CEO NealVitale, 1105 GovInfo President Anne Armstrong and 1105 GovInfo Group Publisher Evilee Ebb… and now Doug Mashkuri… among others, of course. A star 1105 GovInfo editorial director would be a big help.

There are still big challenges — FOSE, for example. More on that later. But there are big challenges for all of us in the media business right now, to be honest… Speaking personally, I’m rooting for them — not only because of my history with bothFCW and GCN, but also because it is better for all of us with vibrant publications. Competition makes us all better.

Meanwhile, you can read Mashkuri’s bio… after the break.
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DorobekInsider: Happy birthday to Washington Technology’s Nick Wakeman

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A happy birthday to Nick Wakeman, the editor in chief of Washington Technology.

Nick has had a very exciting year — welcoming the newest Wakeman into the world.

On this date in history:

It was this week in 1066 that William the Conqueror of Normandy first arrived on British soil. (Read more here.)

In 1896, F. Scott Fitzgerald, the famed American novelist of the Jazz Age, was born.
1755… John Marshall, (9/24/1755 – 7/6/1835), the fourth chief justice of the United States, was born in Germantown, Virginia. Marshall also served as a congressman and as Secretary of State.

1789… Congress passed the First Judiciary Act, which provided for an attorney general and a Supreme Court.
1869… Financiers Jay Gould and James Fisk tried to corner the gold market, sending Wall Street into a panic and leaving thousands of investors in financial ruin.
1960… The USS Enterprise, the first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, was launched at Newport News, Va.
1968… “60 Minutes” premiered on CBS.

Other people born on this date:

* Joseph Kennedy II, former U.S. representative, D-Mass., turns 56

And some people born on this date in history:

* Jim Henson (Sept. 24, 1936 – May, 16, 1990), the American puppeteer; creator of the Muppets
* Stephen Bechtel (9/24/1900 – 3/14/1989), the American construction engineer; founded Bechtel Corp.

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