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Most read items for the second week in January

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The second week of the new year — and the last full week of the Bush administration — and yet another record number of readers for the (I had a record number of visitors for the week and a record one-day tally… And I got a very kind note from one agency CIO who said, “Your blog is the “must read” around town.” Thanks!

The most read items items for the second week of January:

  1. Narrowing the Obama CTO list — one big name comes off
  2. Still don’t get Twitter? A radio explainer on Friday [The Federal WebContent site also has a valuable how-tos about ‘microblogging’ that has some lessons and tips. Read that here… Also see FEMA’s lessons at #4 below… and you can follow me on Twitter at ]
  3. Some must-reads from Killefer, Obama’s performance person — in her own words
  4. FEMA administrator in a Twitter first? @femainfocus to answer questions [We had John Shea of FEMA on Federal News Radio’s Daily Debrief with Chris Dorobek and Amy Morris last week talking about how it went. FEMA has also put together — and, to their credit, posted — some of the organization’s lessons learned. You can read it here.]
  5. German named acting NASA CIO, Pettus returns to Marshall
  6. VA CIO Howard lands at FCI [Note: Monday on Federal News Radio 1500 AM’s abreviated Daily Debrief with Chris Dorobek and Amy Morris — the Washington Capitals have an unusual 2p game, so we’re on late — but on that abreviated show, we expect to be talking to Howard about his new job… and his tenure at VA.]
  7. Hear the Navy CIO talk about the Navy’s Web 2.0 policy
  8. Your 01.09.08 Federal CTO reader: No official word yet so… let’s specuate
  9. Read FEMA’s Tweeter adventure for yourself
  10. VA CIO Bob Howard reportedly has a new gig
  11. Federal CIO Council posts its ‘Transition Guide’
  12. EPA’s remarkable Marcus Peacock “On Change’ [We spoke to EPA’s Peacock Friday on Federal News Radio 1500 AM’s Daily Debrief with Chris Dorobek and Amy Morris. You can hear that conversation here.]
  13. Following along at this morning’s AFCEA Bethesda’s government 2.0 session
  14. Obama CTO this week? Maybe… or maybe not… and a Kundra WP profile
  15. Godspeed John Gioia Nov. 11, 1932-Dec.26, 2008
  16. Events CJD is following (or speaking at): government 2.0 — times two — and government procurement
  17. Government 2.0 challenges — and some some solutions
  18. DorobekInsider: Why feds may not be able to use YouTube
  19. Navy out with one of the first Web 2.0 policy memos
  20. Your 01.16.08 Federal CTO reader: Word next week?
  21. HUD CIO Lisa Schlosser to join to EPA
  22. FCW gets a new editor: David Rapp… and 1105 GovInfo’s marketing person is official
  23. 1105 sells Government Health IT
  24. Helping returning warfighters: Operation Jump Start
  25. Hearing that Interior has named a new CIO
  26. FCW’s Fed 100 Awards: Recognizing the good work done by people — FCW opens its annual Fed 100 award nominations
  27. Interior’s Howell to move to OMB
  28. Fed 100 nomination: Navy CIO Robert Careey
  29. DorobekInsider poll: The Bush administration: The insider’s assessment

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