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Mintz’s daughter on The Daily Show

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Mintz's daughter on the Daily show -- in the back row


Transportation Department CIO Dan Mintz’s daughter, Miriam, is an actress in New York. And this political season, she got a big break — to play an undecided voter on Comedy Central’s fake news program The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Yes — one of those people who are undecided.

Miriam Mintz on The Daily Show

Miriam Mintz on The Daily Show

Daily Show “correspondents” Samantha Bee and Jason Jones brought together a focus group to try and figure out what eight undecided voters are waiting to hear. Remember — she’s acting! (More information on Miriam Mintz on her Web site: Being a good and proud father, Dan Mintz let me know that she is going to be in a Shakespeare play next month in Flushing, and that Miriam works at Lure Fish Bar restaurant in SoHo.

You can watch The Daily Show focus group for yourself here.

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October 29, 2008 at 8:57 AM

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  1. […] Mintz’s daughter on The Daily Show — DOT CIO Dan Mintz’s daughter played an undecided voter on The Daily Show. Too funny! […]

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