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The DorobekInsider returns…

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Yes, I’m back. I was away for a few days enjoying some R&R.

Typically, even when I take a few days off, one: I say so here, and two: I still try to blog, at least occasionally. I actually can use that time to get away from the day-to-day stuff and actually ponder a bit.

Unfortunately — or, perhaps fortunately, I was staying at a place that didn’t allow cell phones in public areas — this drove some people insane. It also didn’t have very stable Internet connection. And I was really staying quite busy.

[The place I stayed is called Miraval — it is this fancy spa in the Tucson desert that really emphasizes a somewhat Zen focus. In fact, their logo says, “Life in balance.” I took my father — a man for whom it is impossible to buy gifts — for a birthday/Christmas/whatever — and as a chance to spend some time with my father. So it was time well spent… It was atMiraval last year that I had my ‘brush with greatness’ with Jeff Bezos. My celebrity sighting this time was Steve Case , the co-founder and former executive at AOL. Now perhaps this isn’t a total shock — Case’s Revolution owns Miraval and apparently they were having a board meeting or senior management meeting at Miraval last week. All of that aside, I’d give Miraval a thumbs up.]

Now, back to re-entry… I’m behind on a lot of e-mail… and have a busy week ahead.

Written by cdorobek

May 18, 2009 at 7:47 AM

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