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DorobekINSIDER: DOD doing more with less, and Cureton’s Leadership Muse

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Our first broadcast…

The Leadership MuseOne of the topics we will discuss often is leadership. And the way people talk about it, leadership has almost mystical qualities. How many conferences have we been to where people say that almost any problem can be solved with more leadership. And these days, leadership has nothing to do with a title. There are leaders at ever level of every organization. So leadership — and the challenges of leadership — will be a staple of our conversation. Later on, we’re going to talk about one person’s leadership quest. Linda Cureton is the chief information officer at NASA and she is the author of the book, The Leadership Muse. The book has very little to do with the challenges of being a tech leader at the world’s preeminent space agency. It is about leadership — and how you get there. We’ll talk to Linda Cureton just ahead.

And just head… doing more with less… the age of austerity. Everybody is having to deal with budget challenges. And that is true at the Defense Department too. We’re going to talk to an expert about the options facing DOD — and what sequestration means anyway. That’s just ahead…

But we’re going to start off with the stories that impact your life for Monday 5 March 2012… the government world in 120-seconds…

* The Office of Personnel Management is in some hot water over its Presidential Management Fellows. The leadership development program is geared towards entry level feds who envision a long career in public service. The Washington Post says that California Congressman Darrell Issa and Florida’s Dennis Ross are calling on the Obama administration to explain recent mishaps with a prestigious program. They say the current mismanagement is threatening the prestige and the government’s ability recruit future fellows.

* The Air Force’s flight plans just got a little lighter. The Air Force Air Mobility Command has awarded Phoenix based Executive Technology a roughly 10 million dollar contract for 18-thousand iPads. NextGov says the tablets will replace paper flight charts and manuals that currently weigh as much as 40 pounds.

*These days, it seems like every agency is turning to challenges to solve problems and come up with innovative ideas. But successfully launching a challenge is easier said than done. That’s where the Office of Management and Budget comes in. They’ve come out with an F-A-Q — frequently asked questions [PDF] — to help agencies stay in compliance with the Paperwork Reduction Act and navigate different platforms like

* After tornados ripped through parts of Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Tennessee and West Virginia over the weekend, FEMA is on high alert. But so far, the states have not asked for federal aide. FEMA does have teams on the ground helping to assess the damage.

* How effective is the SEC? Much better, if you listen to officials from the Securities and Exchange Commission. SEC officials have been citing a jump in the number of enforcement actions last year as proof that an overhaul of the agency’s investigative force is bearing fruit. But an analysis by Bloomberg finds that claim isn’t supported by a detailed examination of the statistics. SEC Enforcement Director Robert Khuzami has said that the unit filed 735 actions in fiscal 2011, but 31% of those weren’t new – they were follow-on administrative proceedings. If you exclude those, “the SEC filed 499 original cases last year, fewer than the 520 in 2009, the year before the reorganization.”

* And on GovLoop we’re talking citizen engagement…. you’re on all these social media platforms. Now what? That was the subject of a GovLoop webinar with Digital Gov Group. A few tips: Review your social media policies — make sure you have one — and train your folks about how to use these tools.

On the program today:

* DOD doing more with less: Todd Harrison is the Senior Fellow for Defense Budget Studies at the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments. His analysis: Strategy In a Year Of Fiscal Uncertainty

* Linda Cureton is the author of The Leadership Muse. She is also the chief information officer at NASA. Her GovLoop post: Hero-Leaders: The Oasis in Today’s Desert of Leadership – Thoughts from Chapter 37 of The Leadership Muse


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