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DorobekINSIDER: Federal news month in review

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What stories made news for the month of June?

Here are the most read stories across Federal News Radio 1500 AM … on the … for Mike Causey’s Federal Report… on the Federal Drive with Tom Temin and Amy Morris… and for

…from the

  1. Obama orders cuts in federal building costs
  2. Why there’s been a backlash against feds lately
  3. How to make that performance review work for you
  4. Most TSP funds suffer losses in May
  5. Why continuous monitoring is gaining popularity
  6. Government still faces numerous teleworking challenges
  7. Elective deferrals for your TSP explained
  8. Dorobek Must Reads – June 2
  9. How to get more minorities, women to participate in TSP
  10. Causey: How agency budget cuts will affect you
  11. How to get your TSP questions answered
  12. Comments needed for TSP beneficiary designation
  13. Federal contracts: How many is too many?
  14. Dorobek Must Reads – June 11
  15. DorobekINSIDER: An open letter to OMB: Stop the public sector bashing
  16. Federal pay raises safe … for now
  17. Is DoD ignoring lessons learned from insourcing?
  18. Fed invents most accurate clock in the world
  19. How to create the best federal cybersecurity workforce
  20. Why there’s still worry about the Conficker worm
  21. Dorobek Must Reads – June 3
  22. Mobile devices can leave you open to cyber attacks
  23. In budget crisis, states take aim at pension costs
  24. FISMA one step closer to overhaul
  25. Influence others and change your office culture
  26. Off Topic: What your email address says about you
  27. Military Health System works out e-record kinks
  28. DorobekINSIDER: Treasury’s Gross to be deputy CIO at Interior
  29. Web inventor discusses importance of open data
  30. DOJ sues Oracle for alleged overcharging
  31. Agencies to crack down on waste, fraud, abuse
  32. Census reports it has reached almost all households
  33. Health 2.0 Conference, HHS hope to change the practice of medicine
  34. SSA makes rural America accessible to all
  35. How government will eliminate user names & passwords
  36. Google Apps could help agencies move to the cloud
  37. Chances good for passage of TSP/annual leave bill
  38. TSA’s Secure Flight program faces some challenges
  39. Agencies to compile ‘do not pay list’
  40. The impact of the Federal Workforce Reduction Act
  41. Senate unanimously confirms TSA head
  42. Dorobek Must Reads – June 7
  43. Are Katrina/Deepwater comparisons appropriate?
  44. DorobekINSIDER: Helping out a Postal employee in a time of need
  45. U.S. Navy Considering Wii Fit and DDR For Boot Camp
  46. Report endorses pay for performance for Intel community
  47. Many issues surround federal ID management
  48. Software remembers passwords for you
  49. Preview: Your monthly TSP Snapshot

… for Mike Causey’s Federal Report

  1. Federal Pay Freeze: A November Surprise?
  2. Retirement: You Can Go Home Again!
  3. The Smartest Fed Investors Work For…
  4. TSP Warning: Cover Your Assets
  5. Pay Freeze? We Need To Talk
  6. Pay Freeze: Everybody in the Pool!
  7. Pay Freeze as Union Recruiting Tool
  8. Six Ways to Beat the Bear Market with Your TSP
  9. The $3 Million G-Man
  10. Travel, Training, Hiring Hit List
  11. Feds in Heat: The Misery Index
  12. About Those Buyout Rumors
  13. Hot Enough For You?
  14. TSP: Investing in Where You’ve Been
  15. Payoff the Boss’s Credit Cards?
  16. Time is Running Out for FEHBP Dependents
  17. Show Me The Buyout!
  18. Federal Unions: Dynamos or Dinosaurs?
  19. Feds: Global warming is real!!!
  20. Sick Leave Phase In

… on the Federal Drive with Tom Temin and Amy Morris

  1. Bill would give DHS emergency cyber powers
  2. Monday Morning Federal Newscast – June 1st
  3. Cyberthreat of Joe Biden leads to arrest
  4. Wednesday Morning Federal Newscast – June 8th
  5. Postal Service finds $75B dollar overpayment
  6. Federal retirees should consider the Roth IRA
  7. Defense furlough fears heat up
  8. How to avoid a June swoon with the TSP
  9. Monday Morning Federal Newscast – June 14th
  10. Tuesday Morning Federal Newscast – June 29th
  11. Friday Morning Federal Newscast – June 4th
  12. Friday Morning Federal Newscast – June 18th
  13. Thursday Morning Federal Newscast – June 10th
  14. Monday Morning Federal Newscast – June 28th
  15. Private concerns about Booz Allen going public
  16. Monday Morning Federal Newscast – June 21st
  17. Friday Morning Federal Newscast – June 25th
  18. NSPS move cuts raises of the ‘best and brightest’
  19. Thursday Morning Federal Newscast – June 3rd
  20. Wednesday Morning Federal Newscast – June 2nd
  21. Wednesday Morning Federal Newscast – June 23rd
  22. Tuesday Morning Federal Newscast – June 8th
  23. Thursday Morning Federal Newscast – June 24th
  24. Google goes ABW: Anything But Windows
  25. How to succeed in the SES
  26. Tuesday Morning Federal Newscast – June 22nd
  27. Tuesday Morning Federal Newscast – June 15th
  28. ‘Shady’ porn site practices pose cyber risks
  29. Monday Morning Federal Newscast – June 7th
  30. How, and why, to modernize the legacy of COBOL
  31. OMB redefines performance expectations
  32. NIST offers Continuous Monitoring FAQ
  33. Wednesday Morning Federal Newscast – June 30th
  34. Incumbent rage leaves budgets in limbo
  35. Voinovich: hiring reforms will take an act of law
  36. Cybersecurity box claims to block threats
  37. GAO: Agency rules allow conferences at resort locations
  38. Thursday Morning Federal Newscast – June 17th
  39. Analysis: Should DoD cut benefits or guns?
  40. War zone corruption allegations rise
  41. Friday Morning Federal Newscast – June 11th
  42. Cyber chief Schmidt set to name senior director
  43. The ten biggest errors federal employees make, pt. 3
  44. The ten biggest errors federal employees make, pt. 2
  45. The ten biggest errors federal employees make
  46. Beware the mobile cyberattack
  47. GPO reassures your passport is secure
  48. MSPB to survey feds about personnel practices
  49. Who is spying on your cellphone?

… and from

  1. Federal pay freeze proposal defeated
  2. OPM wants to settle the fed salary debate
  3. Postal unions offer alternative to five-day schedule
  4. GOP lawmakers pitch fed workforce reduction bill
  5. Bill would put DHS in charge of all civilian networks
  6. OMB bakes new cookie policy for federal websites
  7. Exclusive: OMB to propose major changes to financial management systems
  8. White House asks agencies to cut spending by 5 percent
  9. DoD vows to become a leaner organization
  10. TSP Snapshot: What goes up does go down
  11. GSA plans to take e-mail, collaboration to the cloud
  12. OMB must sell Congress on budget cuts
  13. Senate’s newest cyber bill on fast track to passage
  14. OPM freezes transfer of employee files, for now
  15. GSA, DHS approve first governmentwide cyber provider
  16. OMB to transform performance reviews
  17. Navy CIO Carey leaving
  18. OMB pressing agencies to get IT projects on track
  19. White House tells agencies to use data analysis to reduce improper payments
  20. House bill would require manager training at all agencies
  21. Telework success depends on clear expectations
  22. DoT’s Patillo moving to VA
  23. No federal pay freeze for now
  24. Cybersecurity bill clears Senate hurdle
  25. Air Force saves cash by changing cell phone rate plans
  26. OPM clears up category rankings process
  27. OMB vows to end out of control IT projects
  28. DoD shows off health IT progress
  29. OMB preparing performance management dashboard
  30. White House to give identity management a push
  31. Agencies get ready for FISMA changes
  32. OPM shaping future leaders in a new way
  33. DISA launches BRAC relocation FAQ page
  34. Census troubleshoots broken software
  35. Information sharing challenges ahead for Paul
  36. GAO finds limited burrowing during Bush years
  37. Support snowballs early for Senate cyber bill
  38. HHS creates process to certify health IT systems
  39. VA tries to speed claims processing for vets
  40. Navy declares war on sexual harassment & assault
  41. SBA CIO Naylor resigns
  42. Cybersecurity bill gets first Senate hearing
  43. OMB Watch says Orszag ‘made budget cool’
  44. OMB’s Werfel plugs financial modernization
  45. DoD has limited cyber situational awareness
  46. DoD sees change in cyber culture
  47. Federal News Radio Reports
  48. DHS women convene inaugural diversity forum
  49. National Archives CIO Martha Morphy retires
  50. DHS promotes tech from workbench to market

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