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DorobekINSIDER: Most read items April 16-22, 2010: TSP, and shredding those time sheets

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The most read stories April 16-22, 2010… on the … for Mike Causey’s Federal Report… on the Federal Drive with Tom Temin and Amy Morris… and for

…from the

  1. Chances good for passage of TSP/annual leave bill
  2. Toss out that time card, get more productive employees
  3. Your wireless router could leave you vulnerable
  4. TSP numbers: Look past the short term trend
  5. What’s next for telework and the federal government?
  6. DorobekINSIDER: GSA reorganizes, Interior shuffles – and the CIO (apparently) moves
  7. Why the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs tweets
  8. Update: Oil spill pictures reveal devastation
  9. Public trust of federal government has increased
  10. Dorobek Must Reads – May 20
  11. Dorobek Must Reads – May 19
  12. What DorobekInsiders are reading
  13. One year in, fosters massive innovation
  14. Obama to replace Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair
  15. GAO: VA in danger of cyber attack
  16. White House crowdsources for cybersecurity ideas
  17. The DorobekINSIDER reader: OPM’s streamlined hiring reforms
  18. Will federal hiring reform affect veterans?
  19. How to set up a successful home office
  20. DorobekINSIDER: Crowdsourcing Gulf Coast oil spill info
  21. Section: Blog Entries
  22. What the Office of Governmentwide Policy means to you
  23. Pac Man celebrates 30th birthday
  24. DorobekINSIDER: Commerce quietly names Szykman as the new CIO
  25. Former ODNI CIO: Cyber discussions must happen
  26. McAfee: Hackers more creative, have increased attacks
  27. How the Coast Guard has responded to that oil spill
  28. Secretary Gates surrenders on military pay
  29. Dorobek Must Reads – May 21
  30. Contracting conundrum: Why do agencies create their own?
  31. Are there too many contracts out there?
  32. Senate passes hiring reform bill
  33. Why the delay with the transition to Networx?
  34. Analysis: Obama asks for DNI Blair’s resignation
  35. U.S. Cybersecurity Challenge ends this week
  36. Top 10: What we’re reading this afternoon
  37. DorobekINSIDER: The Gov 2.0 status report — where are we now?
  38. The slow and painful death of email is finally upon us
  39. White House wants your input on new cyber themes
  40. DorobekINSIDER: Former GSA CIO Piatt returns — but at OGP
  41. Are generational sterotypes harmful to the workplace?
  42. TSA picks CSC . . . again
  43. Web 2.0 helps digital diplomacy at the State Department
  44. DorobekINSIDER: Turco to lead GSA’s Office of Governmentwide Policy
  45. Special Report: Contract Overload wraps up
  46. Just how big is the Deepwater Horizon oil spill?
  47. How to make innovation part of your daily routine
  48. Social media changes government in more ways than one

… for Mike Causey’s Federal Report

  1. Retirees Return to Government
  2. Feds/Retirees Have Political Muscle
  3. Escape the Monday Dead Zone
  4. Gold Bugs & The TSP
  5. Hero Confirms Life Beyond the Beltway
  6. Teleworking, FEHBP: Different Strokes!
  7. Civil Service Reform & Manure
  8. National Guard $5,000 Payouts!
  9. About Those Buyout Rumors…
  10. Big Career Changes Coming at You

… on the Federal Drive with Tom Temin and Amy Morris

  1. Three Roth IRA tax traps to avoid
  2. The paperback scoop on landing a federal job
  3. How to move cheaply out of COBOL
  4. Is your BlackBerry spying on you?
  5. TSA head remains lost in transition
  6. Monday Morning Federal Newscast – May 17th
  7. Laptop stolen from VA contractor
  8. Facebook fixing forgery bug
  9. Census to use Web in future counts
  10. Navy name change comes with costs
  11. Friday Morning Federal Newscast – May 14th
  12. Privacy, porn, and your federal job: analysis
  13. Opportunities grow for cyber contractors
  14. Jeopardy’s Clue Crew crawls the Archives
  15. DoD to host a performance symposium open to all
  16. What federal web customers want most
  17. GAO: VA systems open to cyberattack
  18. Google and SBA offer big tips for small business
  19. COPS works to correct stimulus payments
  20. Speedbumps sighted in war funding

… and from

  1. House lawmakers uneasy about hiring reforms
  2. DIA awards $6 billion IT services contract to 11 firms
  3. Executive Order seals OPM hiring reforms
  4. Obama nominates Pistole to head TSA
  5. National Archives attorney offers e-mail counsel
  6. DHS tries sharing cyber threat data differently
  7. GSA opens up possibility of FTS2001 extension
  8. OPM tests letting feds work without a schedule
  9. Feds expand virtual worlds use
  10. OMB drafts, seeks comments on FISMA metrics
  11. GSA reissues RFQ for cloud computing
  12. Feds to help small businesses affected by oil spill
  13. House rejects telework bill
  14. Booz Allen Hamilton gets new cyber contracts from DoD
  15. TSP Snapshot: April up, clouds over I fund
  16. DHS to release draft RFP for Eagle 2
  17. OPM hosts CHCO hiring reforms summit today
  18. Federal News Radio Reports
  19. New algorithm to identify sarcasm in tweets, posts
  20. OFPP defines ‘inherently governmental’
  21. DoD fixing its patchwork quilt of cybersecurity
  22. HReinvented: Feds mixed on OPM’s HR reform plans, survey finds
  23. OMB’s Sunstein links records and open government
  24. DIA releases billion dollar RFP for IT services
  25. Agency cybersecurity reporting to get makeover
  26. OMB shifts to real time cybersecurity monitoring
  27. Unique needs abound in agencywide contracts
  28. NTEU files motion to end internship program
  29. White House works to change online transactions
  30. GSA continues to hint at E-Travel consolidation
  31. Intellipedia provides lessons for FedSpace initiative
  32. Protest of TSA IT contract sustained
  33. GSA: Green, Sustainable and more Aggressive
  34. OFPP to refine agency-contractor relationship
  35. Salary Council suggests locality pay increase for 2011
  36. VA issues draft RFP for new IT hardware, software contract
  37. Senate confirms Alexander to head DoD Cyber Command
  38. OPM takes smaller steps to modernize retirement processes
  39. FCC to establish cyber certification program
  40. New federal cookie policy coming soon?
  41. OMB to set new real property policy
  42. OPM to submit hiring reform advice to White House next week
  43. White House promising more attention to 508
  44. EXCLUSIVE: OMB guidance sets technology tone for 2010, beyond
  45. Agency pilots help cultivate ‘inherently governmental’ changes
  46. GSA releases FY 2010 per diem rates
  47. Vint Cerf explains DARPA and the Internet
  48. FBI CIO Unveils Next-Gen IT Strategy
  49. SSA staying on top of claims increase
  50. OMB outlines shift on FISMA

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