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DorobekInsider on DC’s NewsChannel 8 tonight talking about the war on “social networking”

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Regular readers know that I am not of a fan of the term “social media” — and I like “social networking” even less. I originally wrote about it back in September under the headline The era of social media is over – long live collaboration tools — and then last month, following a wonderful event by Web 2.0 guru Debbie Weil titled Social Networking: the Two Dirtiest Words in Gov 2.0 (a Sweets and Tweets event), I wrote Gov 2.0 moves beyond ’social media’ — and why it’s more than semantics.

And just out today, my December column in AFCEA’s SIGNAL magazine has been posted headlined The War on Social Media: The term does not represent the real value of these tools—collaboration.

Tonight, I’ll be on DC’s News Channel 8‘s Federal News Tonight at 7:30p ET talking about this issue.

To be honest, this idea largely came from Harvard Business School Prof. Andrew McAfee, in his upcoming book Enterprise 2.0: New Collaborative Tools for Your Organization’s Toughest Challenges. The book is just out today — and McAfee spoke about the book, how these tools can help organizations accomplish their mission better, and why he is not a fan of the term “social networking” today on Federal News Radio 1500 AM’s Daily Debrief with Chris Dorobek and Amy Morris. Read more and hear the full conversation here.

“Most of the organizations that I teach don’t feel that they are running a social club, and that adjective actually turns them off,” McAfee tells Federal News Radio. These tools are about empowering people, not getting them out of the way, he said, so there is a social aspect to them, but the term just doesn’t end up being helpful.

Too often, we think about e-mail as a our collaboration tool, McAfee notes — and as I have written about, The First Step Toward Collaboration Is to Stop E-Mailing. But these collaboration tools are very different — information sharing is the reason they were created. It isn’t an afterthought.

There has been an extensive discussion about this subject online. Tomorrow, we’ll cull some of that discussion.

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December 1, 2009 at 6:45 PM

DorobekInsider: What you read in November 2009 on the DorobekInsider, Daily Debrief and

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Yes, I just posted most read stories, but… it is the first day of December, so… here are the stories you read for the full month of November 2009…

..from the

  1. DorobekInsider EXCLUSIVE: USDA undertakes extensive management reorg – downgrading the CIO, CFO
  2. DorobekInsider: UPDATE – Grams to join VA as principal deputy assistant secretary for management
  3. DorobekInsider: USDA gets push back on massive management reorg, GovExec reports; USDA remains silent
  4. DorobekInsider: Gov 2.0 moves beyond ’social media’ — and why it’s more than a semantic issue
  5. DorobekInsider: USDA officials offer more details on management reorganization
  6. DorobekInsider: I’m back from a bout with the flu… and government flu resources
  7. DorobekInsider: USDA gets approval for employee buy outs from OPM as mega-management reorg continues
  8. DorobekInsider: HHS joins the management reorganization bandwagon — but this time, the CIO sees a higher profile
  9. DorobekInsider: NYT covers concern over Scientology’s buy of Governing
  10. DorobekInsider: Winners of the 7th Annual Greater Washington Government Contractor Awards
  11. DorobekInsider: BREAKING – Government Technology parent buys Governing magazine
  12. DorobekInsider: OMB hires performance guru Shelley Metzenbaum
  13. DorobekInsider: What you read for the week of Nov. 15-21 on DorobekInsider, Daily Debrief, and
  14. DorobekInsider: Watching the Networx transition — or lack there of — at AFFIRM on Wednesday
  15. DorobekInsider: UPDATED – Grams to join VA as principal deputy assistant secretary for management
  16. DorobekInsider: The books of IAC’s Executive Leadership Conference — books worth reading
  17. DorobekInsider: What you read for the first week of November 2009 on DorobekInsider, the Daily Debrief
  18. DorobekInsider: November’s Signal column: The Intelligence Community Writes the Book on Collaboration
  19. DorobekInsider: Most read stories Nov. 22-28 on the DorobekInsider, the DailyDebrief, and FederalNew
  20. DorobekInsider: USDA gets early out approval from OPM as mega-management reorg continues
  21. DorobekInsider: Former USDA CIO Chistopherson lands at SAP, former Food and Drug acting CIO Chapman
  22. DorobekInsider: The era of social media is over – long live collaboration tools
  23. DorobekInsider: Most read stories Nov. 8-14 on the DorobekInsider, the DailyDebrief, and
  24. DorobekInsider: GSA transition leads earn Coalition Partnership recognition
  25. DorobekInsider: OPM’s Berry reorganizes giving the CIO a more prominent role
  26. DorobekInsider: GovExec exec Matt Dunie exits… and media notes
  27. DorobekInsider: ODNI response to its decision to shut down Intellipedia’s uGov Web based e-mail
  28. DorobekInsider: Ed DeSeve to join the Obama administration
  29. DorobekInsider: GSA administrator nominee watch — developments on the Kansas City federal cent
  30. DorobekInsider: Intel on the gov 2.0 front lines – and a new report assessing A-Space
  31. DorobekInsider: And it’s official — Gordon nominated to OFPP post
  32. DorobekInsider: Happy (belated) Thanksgiving 2009
  33. DorobekInsider: What you read in October 2009 on DorobekInsider, the Daily Debrief, and FederalNewsR
  34. DorobekInsider: New sales hires for Federal News Radio 1500 AM and WTOP radio
  35. DorobekInsider on DC’s NewsChannel 8 tonight talking the Intellipedia and A-Space — the
  36. DorobekInsider: The USDA CIO to go to a career person – Chris Smith
  37. DorobekInsider: Changes within the VA IT shop
  38. DorobekInsider: What’s the deal with GSA administrator nominee Johnson? The Kansas City Star finds out
  39. DorobekInsider: MD Tech Council awards GSA’s Coleman government CIO of the year
  40. DorobekInsider: Former FOSE leader Howell to lead Partnership for Public Service’s SAGE progra
  41. The DorobekInsider Reader: Veterans Day
  42. DorobekInsider: GSA’s O’Hare to replace Johnson as ITS Assistant Commissioner
  43. DorobekInsider: Intel on the government 2.0 front lines – and a new report assessing A-Space
  44. DorobekInsider: Another GovDelivery/GovLoop hiring coup: Andrew Krzmarzick — and passes 20K me
  45. DorobekInsider: The era of e-mail is over — or ending, the WJS says — and we are terrifi
  46. DorobekInsider: Former FOSE leader Howell to lead Partnership for Public Service’s SAFE program
  47. DorobekInsider: GovLoop graduates finding a great new home with GovDelivery — what will it means
  48. DorobekInsider: Ho-ho-ho… and recognize our troops
  49. DorobekInsider: NASA names Linda Cureton as the new NASA CIO

from the Daily Debrief with Chris Dorobek and Amy Morris

  1. Tuesday Afternoon Federal Newscast — the highlight: Feds got to leave early on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving
  2. Lawmakers continue to discuss turning unused sick leave into TSP dollars
  3. TSP continues success; memo details participant behavior
  4. Friday Afternoon Federal Newscast
  5. Will House healthcare bill affect the Federal Employee Health Benefits Program?
  6. Participants borrow less from their TSP accounts
  7. Details about NSA cyberattack during Bush administration revealed
  8. Congressman calls for hearings about federal LTC insurance premium hikes
  9. Monday Afternoon Federal Newscast
  10. New best practices at U.S. Patent and Trademark Office save time, taxpayer dollars
  11. Preview: TSP Snapshot to start Monday
  12. How to avoid getting into trouble while shopping online at work
  13. How your Thrift Savings Plan has changed over the past decade
  14. Examining the role of China in U.S. cybersecurity policy
  15. USDA’s Donald Sanders discusses employee reorganization
  16. Your Turn sneak peak – why you should plan on tuning in
  17. Smithsonian changing its image to appeal to younger Americans
  18. Smithsonian uses innovative collaboration tools to reach out to public
  19. McAfee, Northrop Grumman partner to work on Host Based Security System
  20. New survey shows usage of Web 2.0 collaboration tools skyrocketing
  21. Causey: 2009 a good year for feds
  22. Groups express concern about Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board
  23. Sen. Brownback asks for Air Force to revise Tanker Request for Proposal
  24. Agency insourcing initative causing a stir in the private sector
  25. NRC negotiates new contract with NTEU
  26. New report: alternative energy methods key to securing troops on battlefield
  27. Learning more about USDA’s employee buyout
  28. Nominee to be TSA administrator testifies before Senate
  29. Whitepaper outlines identity issues for federal website users
  30. Former ODNI CIO Meyerrose talks about cybersecurity’s future
  31. NIMH entering first phase of largest ever study of suicide in the military
  32. Web 2.0 tools proving beneficial for government, industry
  33. Your Turn preview: A pay raise in your future?
  34. OPM rolls out new plan to deal with snow days
  35. Thursday Afternoon Federal Newscast
  36. Just don’t call it “pay for performance”
  37. How the USO is helping the troops – and what you can do to lend a hand
  38. Wednesday Afternoon Federal Newscast
  39. Sorting through the features of the “next-generation” TSP
  40. Tech trends present greatest threat to federal agencies
  41. McAfee releases 2009 Virtual Criminology Report
  42. New book details challenges of Web 2.0 usage across the globe
  43. OPM hopes to lure more military vets into civilian agenices
  44. How agencies can defend themselves against cyber attacks
  45. New book highlights how to get things done in government
  46. New president of American Council on Technology outlines goals
  47. FireEye partners with In-Q-Tel to secure Intelligence Community
  48. NIH to facilitate scientists’ social networking
  49. Feds, agencies not taking advantage of teleworking opportunities

and from

  1. Another LTC “error” affects 70,000 federal workers
  2. OPM’s Berry deals out first set of civil service reform suggestions
  3. White House cuts federal pay raise
  4. OPM proposes reinvestigation rule for certain employees
  5. Bonasaro: Attracting young blood to the Senior Executive Service a must
  6. House panel casts leery eye toward TSP mutual fund option
  7. OPM sets new policy to make ‘burrowing’ harder
  8. Virginia Governor calls BRAC an ‘amazing mixture’ of news
  9. TSP Snapshot: October a mixed bag, and a primer
  10. TSP: Most funds down for October but up for year
  11. Salary Council suggests locality pay increase for 2011
  12. OPM Director Berry offers peek at the future of the federal personnel agency
  13. GSA headquarters to become model green building
  14. Two new programs on the way to improve recruitment, retention
  15. Rank-and-file FPS officers speak out on federal facility security woes
  16. How health care legislation on Capitol Hill could affect you
  17. Social Security disability claims progress threatened by state furloughs
  18. Transition out of NSPS begins
  19. House panel uncovers surprise on fed building security
  20. Intelligence Community plans workforce of the future
  21. Feds strike a blow for teleworking
  22. Archives officials grilled on the Hill over missing data drives
  23. Is GSA reducing the number of e-travel providers?
  24. OMB to hold senior officials more accountable for government waste
  25. GSA leases new space to begin modernization
  26. How to work around FEHBP’s fewer choices and higher costs
  27. Sen. Collins says no to WH cybersecurity coordinator
  28. Career OPM officials will review all political conversions
  29. NRC inks new contract, includes improved worker benefits
  30. USDA’s major reorg driven by focus on performance, results
  31. FBI’s case management project remains on shaky ground
  32. Feds find it isn’t easy being transparent
  33. Federal News Radio Reports
  34. House panel revisits security problems with Federal Protective Service
  35. GSA to update the acquisition career management system
  36. FAA gives 245 small firms preferred contracting status
  37. Some insurance companies leave Federal Employee Health Benefits Plan as Open Season approaches
  38. OFPP calls on agencies to use EVM more often on non-IT projects
  39. GSA, DHS ready RFPs for Security LOB
  40. NSPS another step closer to ending; FERS ‘flu’ cure a “done deal”
  41. Insourcing debate heats up over agencies stealing employees
  42. GSA gives agencies drop-dead date for Networx transition
  43. Federal shared services effort gets push from new executive forum
  44. Senate committee increases civilian pay raise to 2.9 percent for 2010
  45. GSA seeks to green all that it touches
  46. NSPS over and FERS Flu cured, Senate Passes Defense Authorization Bill
  47. Agency use of cost reimbursement contracts skyrockets, GAO finds
  48. DoD IT experts open up about cloud deployment
  49. Senate confirms Ferriero to be next Archivist
  50. DHS to host EAGLE II industry day


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