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DorobekInsider: What you read for the last week of September 2009 on the DorobekInsider, Daily Debrief and

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Here are the items you read for the last week of September and the beginning of October 2009 on, the Daily Debrief with Chris Dorobek and Amy Morris, and on…

First… on the DorobekInsider

  1. DorobekInsider: Obama expected to nominate GAO’s Gordon to OFPP post — soon
  2. DorobekInsider: The era of social media is over – long live collaboration tools
  3. DorobekInsider: OMB hires performance guru Shelley Metzenbaum
  4. DorobekInsider: And it’s official — Gordon nominated to OFPP post
  5. DorobekInsider: What you read for the third week of September 2009
  6. DorobekInsider: Judging DC’s funniest celebrity… and the winner is…
  7. DorobekInsider: Tracking the Gordon OFPP announcement — how soon is soon?
  8. DorobekInsider: The hottest ticket in town — Roger Baker speaking at Input
  9. DorobekInsider: Fleshing out the funniest celebrity “charity” controversy
  10. DorobekInsider: CIO Council publishes gov 2.0 guidance
  11. DorobekInsider: NASA names Linda Cureton as the new NASA CIO
  12. DorobekInsider: Ho-ho-ho… and recognize our troops
  13. The DorobekInsider Reader: National Security Personnel System recommendations
  14. DorobekInsider: What’s the deal with GSA administrator nominee Johnson? The Kansas City Star finds out
  15. DorobekInsider: The buzz of federal government IT: Two scorching IG report on VA IT… sex, lies but no video tape
  16. DorobekInsider: OPM’s Berry reorganizes giving the CIO a more prominent role

What you read on Federal News Radio 1500 AM’s Daily Debrief with Chris Dorobek and Amy Morris

  1. Daily Debrief Reports: TSP required minimum distributions & you
  2. Daily Debrief Reports: No required minimum distributions for your TSP in 2010?
  3. Gov. Kaine gives his reaction to BRAC extension
  4. DoD will hire thousands of new workers
  5. Two top feds say it might be time for a change in telework policy
  6. 2.0 site launched
  7. GovLoop finds new home at GovDelivery
  8. Nortel Government Solutions, Avaya sign agreement
  9. FEHBP participants should plan to pay more in 2010
  10. GSA to award contract to address acquisition system issues
  11. Archives, Footnote create largest Interactive Holocaust Collection online
  12. Bob Peck is GSA’s new Commissioner of Public Buildings
  13. Update: Census worker’s death
  14. Analysis: GAO’s Dan Gordon nominated as OFPP Administrator
  15. Meet the Innovators: Bev Godwin
  16. Anaylsis: Amendment to kill FEHBP won’t pass in Senate
  17. Navy CIO Carey discusses recently issued Web 2.0 guidance
  18. Smithsonian offers buyouts to over 6,000 as part of new strategic plan
  19. A sneak peak at DoD’s Web 2.0 policy with Bob Brewin
  20. USAF set to reopen competition for KC-X tanker
  21. Your Turn preview: Feds as an energized voting bloc?
  22. Your Turn preview: FEHB update
  23. What next, if not Networx? Word from GSA’s conference
  24. DoD CFO to oversee improvements to Defense Contract Audit Agency
  25. Update: Moran announces BRAC reprieve for DoD agencies
  26. GSA’s McClure, Coleman discuss, moving to the cloud
  27. Daily Debrief Reports: Your Thrift Savings Plan & the Market
  28. CMAP: A new leadership program designed for you
  29. OMB Watch reviews 2.0
  30. Secret Service looking at Facebook threats
  31. October is now National Cybersecurity Awareness Month
  32. Meet the guy who decides all scientific projects for the Air Force
  33. GSA prepares for 2009 IDEAS Conference
  34. OMB developing new framework to improve performance
  35. ‘Count Me In’ campaign to make sure Census counts everyone
  36. Changes coming for federal long-term insurance
  37. DoD’s health IT strategy
  38. GAO: Park Service needs to do more to make parks safe
  39. WFED’s Max Cacas chats with Elaine Duke, Pt. 3
  40. Analysis: GAO report cites systemic language barrier problems at State
  41. NIH and Wikimedia Foundation team up – Part 2
  42. C-SPAN documentary goes inside the Supreme Court
  43. How USGS responded to that quake in California this morning
  44. Update: The case of Najibullah Zazi
  45. TSA employees closer to collective bargaining

And the most read items on

  1. Feds to pay more for health care under FEHBP
  2. OPM no longer to project federal retirements
  3. TSA picks CSC to run its technology infrastructure
  4. OPM clarifies statements on retirement projections
  5. Feds’ FEHBP no longer in danger; Congress, staffers still affected under Grassley plan
  6. DoD makes NSPS pay raise equal to GS employees
  7. NIH and the VA hold golden job opportunities in government
  8. Bilingual workers needed as Foreign Service Officers
  9. Exclusive Preview of Top 20 Federal Contract Opportunities
  10. DHS gets green light to hire 1,000 ‘cyberspecialists’
  11. Filmmaker Ken Burns chronicles history of National Parks
  12. DHS extends states’ deadline to request more time to meet REAL ID
  13. Causey: Federal Health Employee Benefit Plan amendment not likely to pass
  14. GSA wants Networx to move into high gear
  15. Troubled federal procurement data systems to get facelift
  16. Feds submit more than 10,000 ideas to OMB in effort to SAVE money
  17. OPM gives employees opportunity to change long term care program
  18. White House cuts federal pay raise
  19. National Archives IG investigates possible data breach affecting millions of vets
  20. Federal Protective Service enhances security of government buildings
  21. Defense Travel gets out ahead of criticism
  22. CIO Council releases Web 2.0 tool guidance for agencies
  23. Federal News Radio Reports
  24. NSPS remains on life support
  25. You can fund your retirement at bargain rates
  26. Chief Executive praises the work, and workers, of the National Institutes of Health
  27. OMB’s new performance framework to combine the best of the past
  28. Moran wins reprieve for DoD agencies; no BRAC move until 2014 at earliest
  29. USGS mobilizes Web 2.0 to better understand natural disasters
  30. Agencies reduce energy usage by 12.4 percent in 2008
  31. DHS enters final round of Quadrennial Homeland Security Review
  32. International Spy Museum unveils its look at Weapons of Mass Disruption
  33. Proposal to allow the FDIC access to taxpayer money
  34. Health care reform and the Federal Employee Health Benefits Program
  35. Defense Contract Audit agency not improving fast enough
  36. Revamped garners mixed reviews from OMB Watch
  37. CIO Council taskforce to change security metrics
  38. Employees submit more than 10,000 ideas to save money, so far
  39. Federal Protective Service makes changes to the protection of federal buildings
  40. National Parks holds “A Day of Service”
  41. Justice reaffirms position that the Einstein system is legal
  42. Senate committee increases civilian pay raise to 2.9 percent for 2010
  43. GSA releases FY 2010 per diem rates
  44. Short time deadline looms for federal Long Term Care
  45. Can you SAVE the government?
  46. Senate: Con artists are using stimulus scams to fleece citizens
  47. DHS mandates department-wide telework, COOP review this week
  48. Smithsonian: Help pick a new setting for the Hope Diamond
  49. TSP Roth 401(k) option: A history
  50. GovLoop, GovDelivery merge to provide better 2.0 community

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October 5, 2009 at 4:54 PM

DorobekInsider: GovLoop graduates finding a great new home with GovDelivery — what will it mean?

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The buzz around town for the past few days is the announcement that GovLoop, the “Facebook for feds,” has a new home — with GovDelivery, a Minnesota-based company that specializes in helping agencies communicate with citizens — and we spoke to them today on Federal News Radio 1500 AM’s Daily Debrief with Chris Dorobek and Amy Morris. Hear our conversation here.

Here is Ressler’s announcement on GovLoop.

You can also read Ressler’s GovLoop blog post about the deal here:

By joining GovLoop and GovDelivery, I will be able to continue to lead GovLoop and will have more resources to support and improve the platform so the community can continue to grow….

In just over a year, GovLoop grew from merely an idea to more than 18,000 members across all levels of government. During this growth, GovLoop was just a hobby. I had a 9 to 5 at DHS (with some amazingly supportive bosses) and GovLoop was my 5 to 9 (and weekends). People always asked how I had enough time to do both. The answer is I really didn’t.

GovLoop isn’t about me. It’s about the community. And the community has kept GovLoop going.

You can also read Scott Burns take on his insightful Reach the Public blog:

GovLoop (the Facebook for Government) joins up with GovDelivery

What we’ve learned reinforces what we’ve heard from our clients: social media is most powerful when it creates connections that either improve government, improve citizen access to government, or both. While we will continue to help our clients use the GovDelivery platform to launch content into social media, we believe that, together with GovLoop, we can help create the kind of connections between government people and organizations that lead to enduring and positive change in the governments we serve.

This will be good for our clients, the people in the government organizations we serve, and for the public.

That is what they think this means, but… what will it mean?

The obvious answer is… we don’t know.

Washington Technology actually had a delightful piece, GovLoop acquisition by GovDelivery strengthens both, analysts believe. Some of the key take aways from Alice Lipowicz’s piece:

“It’s a fantastic move for Steve, and a shrewd move for GovDelivery. It’s a way for GovDelivery to extend the services they offer,” said Steve Lunceford, strategic communications consultant with Deloitte in McLean, Va. He predicts GovDelivery will offer additional services leveraging the GovLoop membership, including Web dialogues and access to interactive conversations on topics such as government best practices and solutions.


“GovDelivery has experience in connecting government agencies to each other, and to citizens,” said Mark Drapeau, an associate research fellow at the National Defense University’s Center for Technology and National Security Policy and a Federal Computer Week columnist. “Steve has created a community, which GovDelivery lacks.”

Government marketing guru Mark Amtower had a somewhat negative take:

I do not think this move will help GovLoop continue its growth pattern, though. One of the things that fueled the growth was the buzz about it being run by a govie. Now he’s a contractor – and consequently many of those currently in govLoop and those considering joining because it was “open” will now look at it as just another contractor tool.’s FedBlog’s headline: GovLoop goes corporate.

The DorobekInsider’s take…

With all due respect to Amtower — and GovExec’s FedBlog — I’m not sure that is the issue. This has been a long process for Ressler — and he had many different organizations vying for GovLoop. And he didn’t just partner with just another contractor.

2006 Rising Star Steve Ressler

2006 Rising Star Steve Ressler

I know both these guys — and, without sounding too patronizing to their exceedingly good and hard work, I am exceedingly proud of them. I first met Ressler through Federal Computer Week’s Rising Star awards program. In fact, I put Ressler and his step-sister on the cover of the magazine in recognition of their work creating the marvelous Young Government Leaders group. (How is it Ressler hasn’t aged?) I have then invited Ressler to speak at several events… he has gone on to be a two-time winner of FCW’s prestigious Fed 100 award. And, in fact, one of the very first posts when I launched the DorobekInsider was about Ressler and GovLoop.

I am equally in awe of GovDelivery’s Scott Burns. I had both Burns and Ressler over for dinner last week and it was Burns who reminded me that we first met at IAC’s Executive Leadership Conference several years ago. He was on a panel moderated by Harvard Prof. Steve Kelman… and I remember sitting in the audience and listening to Burns… and I was just impressed. After the panel, I introduced myself — and I told him that I was impressed. He went on to write a column for FCW in 2008, The not so invisible hand, which is still worth reading. And he went on to win a well deserved 2009 Fed 100 award.

Ressler is in his late 20s… Burns is in his early 30s. I just love that. They have great energy — Ressler has some great quotes in our Federal News Radio that are wonderfully 20-something. But they are also willing to figure it out.

This just seems to be a practically perfect union. With all due respect to Amtower, this isn’t any contractor. I have had extensive discussions with both Ressler and Burns — and I am honored they came on Federal News Radio to talk about this deal — and both of them are motivated by public service. Both are keenly aware that the reason GovLoop has been successful is because of Ressler… and I would argue that part of the reason why GovDelivery has been successful — although perhaps less visible — but that success is because of Burns. Both these guys are focused on helping the government do its job better — and they both believe they want to help government agencies do that.

A lot of this is uncharted territory — and it will be fascinating to see how this evolves — and it will be interesting if GovDelivery can make money from GovLoop. (Bo Peabody, the founder of Tripod, one of the first social networks, and currently the managing general partner of New York-based venture capital firm Village Ventures, wrote a wonderful piece in the WP headlined, He argues — even questions — whether these collaboration tools can be profitable. HT: Ethan Zuckerman)

This could be a powerful tool — that managers end up using. GovLoop’s Acquisition 2.0 group, started by GSA’s Mary Davie, has more than 300 people sharing ideas. As Harvard Professor Steve Kelman wrote in his blog, this is a place where people are actually collaborating on common problems. What a concept — and what a wonderful model.

Almost as interesting will be how others compete with this union. There are others looking at this market — and looking to outdo GovLoop. One of those is, for example, is something called DisGOVer… there is the Federal Contractor Network, which has nearly 10,000 people… there is also Steve O’Keefe’s largely unnoticed MeriTalk… even FedScoop. (Editor’s transparency note: I sit on the FedScoop board of advisers.)

GovLoop — and the Federal Contractor Network — have the advantage of being platforms. They are essentially tools that get used by their members. They are guided, but… there is no “control” — and that seems powerful to me.

All of that being said, the competition is great — and will be great for the government and this market.

Read more about the GovLoop-GovDelivery:

Ariel Hamilton’s Gov 2.0 Blog Talk Radio program talks about GovLoop-GovDelivery

GovTwit blog: Mixing up some awesome sauce

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October 5, 2009 at 7:28 AM