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DorobekInsider: Godspeed to Pat Knapp, mother of Qwest’s Deirdre Murray

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A very sad note… I just learned that Pat Knapp, the mother of Qwest’s Deirdre Murray, passed away suddenly over the weekend.

Murray had literally just returned last week after spending a week with her mother on a Southern California journey — they got to see Jay Leno perform in Hollywood and they traveled to Santa Barbara. I had helped arrange a meeting with my favorite artist, B.J. Stapen, who invited Deirdre and Pat to her home. They had also visited Los Olivos, CA, and dined at the Los Olivos Cafe where parts of the movie Sideways was filmed. Murray had a remarkable time. She is very close to her family — and to her mother — and I can only imagine how traumatic this is for her. But she will have those cherished memories.

Unfortunately I can’t find the obituary with specific information about contributions and funeral details. I know there is a group of ladies in government IT — they call themselves the Power Pearls — who are collecting contributions. I also heard from the Pearls that there is a ceremony on Friday at 11a (PT, I assume) at St. James Catholic Church in Solana Beach, CA, but I haven’t been able to confirm that further.

If you want to reach out to me — cdorobek at and/or c/o Federal News Radio 1500 AM, 3400 Idaho Ave, NW, Washington, DC 20016 — and I will make sure cards and letters get to Murray. And I will post additional information as I get it.

Meanwhile, I know the government IT community sends their thoughts and prayers to Deirdre Murray and her siblings.

Godspeed Pat Knapp.

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July 28, 2009 at 1:00 PM

DorobekInsider: Most read items on the DorobekInsider and Daily Debrief for the third week of July 2009

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A bit delayed because I’m out of town for a few days — in London, in fact, celebrating my sister’s “OHH” birthdays. So… I’m sorry for the delay…

Most read items on DorobekInsider…

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The most read items for Federal News Radio 1500 AM’s Daily Debrief with Chris Dorobek and Amy Morris for the third week of July 2009

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  4. GAO: Changes needed for BioShield at HHS
  5. AFGE speaks out against NSPS
  6. Defense Business Board releases NSPS recommendations
  7. Why federal agencies are still using COBOL
  8. Problems continue for
  9. TSP Talk: Where is the market going?
  10. Learning about the Federal Service Student Ambassador Program
  11. Meet the Innovators: National Academy of Public Administration
  12. Friday Fun Day!
  13. Will the Senate cure the ‘FERS flu’?
  14. OMB open govt directive enters final stages
  15. Update: 12 Somali men missing from Minneapolis area
  16. NIH and Wikimedia Foundation team up
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  19. New SES survey released
  20. Using the stimulus dollars locally, wisely
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  30. GSA talks about award
  31. Focus of identity management changing for federal govt.
  32. Controvery surrounds Alaska Native Corporations
  33. Happy Birthday, Smokey!
  34. Agencies stressed about Recovery Act spending?
  35. No COLA for federal retirees?
  36. DHS revamps Web site with Web 2.0 tools
  37. Proposed Budget Would Limit Raises in 2010
  38. Should Alaskan native corps. get special considerations?
  39. Your TSP: Changes coming tomorrow?
  40. Intelligence community moves into phase 2
  41. Update: Cloud computing conference
  42. Best Places to Work Survey released
  43. Meet the Innovators: Vint Cerf Part II
  44. More problems for Metro
  45. Terrorism abroad strikes here in the States
  46. Health Net Federal Services wins anti-fraud award
  47. GAO: Personnel Security Clearances backlog a problem
  48. Taking a long look at NSPS
  49. OMB proposes changes to ban on cookies

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July 28, 2009 at 12:07 PM

DorobekInsider: IAC’s new leadership — Sara DeCarlo lays out her priorities

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Sara DeCarlo last week took the helm of the Industry Advisory Council as chairwoman.

We had her on Federal News Radio 1500 AM’s Daily Debrief with Chris Dorobek and Amy Morris last week. You can hear that conversation here:

IAC Chairwoman Sara DeCarlo

IAC Chairwoman Sara DeCarlo

Here is her opening message to IAC members:

“Openness, speed, collaboration, innovation” – these are some of the watch words of today’s federal IT environment. Our new Executive Committee has crafted an agenda that leverages many of the activities started last year and drives us forward as a vibrant organization that reflects its community. We have met with the ACT leadership to ensure that our objectives are mutually aligned; as an ACT-IAC organization we share “one vision, one community.”

The 2009 IAC agenda focuses on what we are calling the “Four Cornerstones”. They will be the foundation for additional building blocks shape our activities for the year. The Cornerstones are: to increase government involvement; to strengthenIAC’s role as a thought leader and trusted advisor; to create and implement a leadership development program; and to develop a business model designed to sustain and grow the organization.

Our goal is to create a content-rich collaborative environment that draws together government and industry through a wide variety of forums: conferences, programs, SIG activities, and other events. We are undertaking a number of initiatives in support of these cornerstone activities. Each initiative has an assigned lead from the Executive Committee with metrics and a timeline. In this way, we expect to be accountable to each other and to our members.

The Four Cornerstones are posted on our marvelous new website under for your review and comment. Ours is a continually changing environment, so we will add new items and modify existing ones as necessary. MyIAC email address is or watch the EC blog or Facebook (Sara King DeCarlo) for quick updates.

We welcome your participation and your feedback. It is your involvement which continues to make ACT-IAC an exciting organization.

On behalf of the Executive Committee, let me say that we are energized and engaged and are looking forward to a great year – only 343 days left to accomplish what we have set out to do! We want you to join with us as we architect our future!

Written by cdorobek

July 28, 2009 at 6:28 AM