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DorobekInsider: Cyber-attack 2009 – what does it mean?

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There has been a big focus today on the cyber-attacks over the past few days. Some news outlets are reporting that the attacks may come from North Korea — something many people are already doubting given that country’s limited technology infrastructure.

I’ll be on DC’s NewsChannel 8’s Federal News Tonight at 7:30p ET talking about this. UPDATED: You can see the video of me on NewsChannel 8 tonight here.

I’ve been speaking to a number of people throughout the day about what this means. Many government cyber-security experts suggest that the timing of the attacks — starting on the Fourth of July — is probably not accidental.

The big question, actually, is whether this will spur further action by the Obama administration — for example, like naming of what we have all taken to calling the cyber-czar.

I’ll post additional resources later, but… for right now, if you’re looking for additional information…

Some resources:

* The DorobekInsider reader: Obama cyber policy review… At the end of May, the President announced the results of his 60-day top-to-bottom review of the nation’s cyber-security defenses. I have a number of resources — everything from links to the document itself to a Congressional Research Service Review. Find it all here.

* Cyber-czar candidates… We hear the appointment was to have happened July 13, but could that be stepped up given recent events? is hearing the same names that I’m hearing. I hear there are three names under serious consideration:

  • Melissa Hathaway, who got high marks for leading the Obama cyber-security review
  • Fred Kramer, who served as the assistant defense secretary for international security affairs under President Clinton
  • Howard Schmidt, former Microsoft chief security advisor and former adviser to Bush on cyberspace security

Others mentioned include former Rep. Tom Davis — he tells Federal News Radio 1500 AM’s Max Cacas he’s not interested — among others.

* 5 Fed Cybersecurity Priorities for the Summer from a great read…

Summertime Action: Naming a cyber czar, reforming FISMA, securing the cloud, enhancing R&D and updating the Privacy Act… read more here.

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July 8, 2009 at 5:57 PM

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