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GSA renames regional administrators as ‘regional commissioners’ — the first step to a broader reorg?

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Acting Administrator Paul Prouty sent out a memo last week to GSA offices announcing that he is changing titles for assistant regional administrators and deputy assistant regional administrators. Here is the memo sent out March 11, 2009:



SUBJECT: Order to Change Position Title of Assistant Regional Administrators and Deputy Assistant Regional Administrators

Effective immediately, the position title of the Assistant Regional Administrators and Deputy Assistant Regional Administrators of the Public Buildings Service and Federal Acquisition Service, respectively, in the Regions are changed to Regional Commissioners and Deputy Regional Commissioners.

The Regional Administrator will continue to rate and review the performance of the Regional Commissioners, with input from the appropriate Commissioner.

The move has already been getting positive marks from some circles within GSA. Many believe that this is the first step to giving more power to the commissioners of the Public Building Service and the Federal Acquisition Service — and thereby decreasing the authority and influence of the regional administrators. Many people have seen the politically appointed regional administrators as complicating the management structure within GSA. One of the most cited example is GSA’s Office of Assisted Acquisition Services, which provides acquisition services to agencies when needed. Currently, the Assistant Commissioner for the Office of Assisted Acquisition Services, is responsible for the organization’s profit-and-loss statement. (Assisted services runs like a business — it survives — or doesn’t — based on the business they do with agencies. Financial performance rests with the assistant commissioner — yet the personnel report to the regional administrators — now regional commissioners. It disrupts the connection between responsibility and authority.

In the end, nobody is sure what Prouty’s changes mean or what they will end up meaning, but… many people are hopeful.

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March 16, 2009 at 2:08 PM

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The DorobekInsider… back in the saddle again

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I have been out for the past few days with the flu — in fact, I’m still out today — so I haven’t been posting. (The rumors about my passing were only slightly exaggerated. Ugh! The flu is no fun! The CDC reports that the flu has arrived late, but… it is here.)

And I’ve out for just a few days and there is Obama CIO… GSA news… transparency items… awards… and, of course, the Federal News Radio 1500 AM Book Club from Friday … I’m catching up with posts over the next few hours/days….

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March 16, 2009 at 12:44 PM

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