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Godspeed Valerie Wallick — a public servant who was dedicated to improvement

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The government IT community this week lost one of the greats: Valerie Wallick.

I don’t have many details, but she passed away this week after a battle with cancer. Wallick worked at the Department of Navy and on the Information Technology Resources Board, which was a organization of feds who worked together on improving government performance. They worked behind the scenes — and were interested in making things better. And it is good to remember how long performance has been a challenge for government — this isn’t a new challenge. (Want an interesting read — ITRB’s report, Project Management for Mission Critical Systems . It could have been written today but it is more than a decade old.)

Wallick also served as a senior senior adviser to the John Koskinen, the chairman of the President’s Council on Year 2000 Conversion… and she worked at SAIC for a period after retiring from government.

I will post additional details as I get them. If you get details before I do, pass then along and we will make sure people hear about them.

Wallick was a remarkable and dedicated public servant who worked tireless for better government and for the American people. I know you will join me in honoring her, wishing her godspeed, and offering peace to her family and friends.

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February 27, 2009 at 10:55 AM

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