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Most read items for the second week of February 2009

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Most read items for the second week of February 2009

The most read items for the second week of February 2009:

  1. 02.12.2009 Obama CTO reader: Will we ever see appointments?
  2. A government innovation oxymoron?: How to quash innovation
  3. litmus test… and the White House tries out live blogging
  4. Fed 100 winners are notified, list posted soon [In fact, the full list was posted Friday. You can see it hereFCW has it posted here .]
  5. More changes at 1105 GovInfo — Group publisher Evillee Ebb exits
  6. The Kundra appointment: What does it mean?
  7. Learning about more the 2009 Fed 100 winners: EPA’s O’Neill and McCaffery win
  8. UK gov 2.0 lessons learned: Britian’s Po
  9. FCW’s 2009 Federal 100 Awards
  10. More on the government innovation oxymoron video
  11. Fed 100 winner: Scott Burns
  12. Good government group merger: Partnership swallows Council for Excellence in Government
  13. What’s up with the CTO? Also the DOD CIO and Roger Baker to VA?
  14. Another White House score: GSA’s Bev Godwin… and insights on why there is an announcement backlog
  15. FCW’s Fed 100 Awards: Recognizing the good work done by people… nominations open for the annual award program
  16. VA brings transparency to stimulus requests — and we hear from a Obama CTO candidate?
  17. Operation Jump Start 2009: Simply amazing! [You can hear Ed Meagher talk about Operation Jump Start on Federal News Radio 1500 AM’s Daily Debrief with Chris Dorobek and Amy Morris . You can hear that conversation here .]
  18. The 02.03.2008 CTO update: Buzz about appointments
  19. Another Fed 100 name: Microsoft Federal’s Teresa Carlson
  20. Speaking to HHS about government 2.0: The liner notes
  21. The next Federal News Radio Book Club selection: What Would Google Do? by Jeff Jarvis
  22. Worth reading: NAPA’s Enabling Collaboration: Three Priorities for New Administration
  23. Hear the Navy CIO talk about the Navy’s Web 2.0 policy
  24. HUD CIO Lisa Schlosser to join to EPA
  25. Another coup for Cisco: Paul Brubaker?
  26. No CTO, but Team Obama a ‘director of citizen participation’
  27. Navy out with one of the first Web 2.0 policy memos
  28. NAPA’s Collaboration Project helps with government 2.0 policy and legal issues — highlighting the problems and starting the work on solutions
  29. Operation Jump Start this week — Wednesday, Feb. 11
  30. The most read DorobekInsider posts for the first week of February 2009
  31. Interior’s Howell to move to OMB
  32. CQ for sale… if the price is right
  33. Happy birthday to… Dan Chenok
  34. GSA gets a new acting acting administrator — Paul Prouty
  35. Welcome to 44 — President Barack Obama… and a new White House blog!
  36. The CRS report on the Obama CTO: The challenges
  37. Happy Birthday to GovExec/NextGov’s Bob Brewin
  38. VA CIO Bob Howard reportedly has a new gig
  39. Hearing that Interior has named a new CIO
  40. Meet the Innovators: Richard Allen on UK’s Power of Information Task Force
  41. Government 2.0 challenges — and some solutions
  42. VA CIO Howard lands at FCI
  43. Obama talks government spending transparency in the weekend “radio” address
  44. Your 01.09.08 Federal CTO reader: No official word yet, so let’s speculate
  45. ConnellyWorks’ A.J. Guenther scores AFCEA recognition
  46. More buzz around the new acting GSA administrator
  47. Godspeed John Gioia Nov. 11, 1932-Dec. 26, 2008
  48. 02.08.2009 DorobekInsider newsbytes
  49. Government media aren’t dodging the rece
  50. Fed 100 nomination: Navy CIO Robert Carey

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February 16, 2009 at 7:20 AM

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