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GCN Editor Wyatt Kash adds Defense Systems to his duties

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111708coverimageDefense Systems magazine, which covers DOD, has a new editor. 1105 Government Information Group editorial director David Rapp announced this morning that Wyatt Kash will add that magazine to his duties. Kash, of course, is the editor in chief of Government Computer News.

As part of that change, Sean Gallagher, who has been leading Defense Systems for the past year, will be leaving 1105 GovInfo, although Rapp said that he will continue to be a contributor to the magazine. Read Gallagher’s blog post about his career change here.

Read Rapp’s note to staff after the break.

To the GIG Editorial Staff:

I want to announce some organizational changes in the GIG newsroom that I believe will give us a solid, team-oriented approach to our various brands and publishing platforms – and position us for future growth.

Wyatt Kash will be taking charge of Defense Systems as Editor in Chief, in addition to his current responsibilities as Editor in Chief of GCN. We will adjust assignments for both GCN staff and other newsroom teams to build the truly shared newsroom that we believe the new integrated publishing world demands.

Wyatt has quickly become a valued counselor and managerial partner to me in my short time here. I look forward to seeing his role grow.

As a result of these changes, Sean Gallagher will be leaving the GIG staff, but we expect him to continue to contribute as a freelancer in the future.

There’s a lot to look forward to at GIG. Our business remains sound. Job No. 1 for us today is to make sure we have the organizational logic and flexibility to take advantage of the opportunities before us.

Please join me in congratulating Wyatt on his new responsibilities.

And please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.


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January 30, 2009 at 10:43 AM

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  1. […] those of you who read my former colleague Chris Dorobek’s blog may already be familiar with the change in path my career took yesterday. I’m no longer at 1105 Media, no longer editor of Defense Systems magazine. I may be […]

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