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Federal CIO Council posts its ‘Transition Guide’

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The federal Chief Information Officer’s Council has posted its “transition guide,” which is an explainer for new agency officials about what the CIO Council is… what is does… the role that it plays in IT leadership.

After the break, you can find a link to the full document… and a link to the document on the CIO Council’s Web site. Here is how the council describes the document:

The Federal Chief Information Officers Council Transition Guide is provided for newly designated Agency heads and other senior leaders during this time of transition to both understand the role of the Federal CIO Council and to begin the conversation of identifying additional opportunities to share information and improve the Government’s performance, effectiveness and efficiency.

The Transition Guide outlines the responsibilities of the Federal CIO Council and describes on-going efforts and past accomplishments, including work on E-Government (e-GOV) initiatives and Lines of Business (LoB). The guide also begins a dialogue on opportunities to continue to change and provides relevant reference material, to include the current Federal CIO Council Strategic Plan and the Federal CIO Roadmap.

As I mentioned, the document is posted after the break. I’m reading it right now, so read along and post your comments, but… a few excerpts from the executive summary:

The Federal Chief Information Officers Council is focused on understanding the nature of this ever changing environment and harnessing the combined expertise that exists across the federal government to evaluate and implement new technologies. As a consequence, we will build and maintain a leadership position for our nation and our citizens in the information age. This transition plan is provided to share information about our successes and to highlight issues that affect the power of information to safeguard American interests and improve Government’s performance, efficiency, and effectiveness.

Today, we live in an information society – a world in which our ability to make decisions, our financial security and economic vitality, and our nation’s security are vitally dependent upon secure access to trusted information… Our government’s internal functions rely heavily upon seamless, trusted access to information. Information sharing must become the norm within individual agencies and across agency boundaries at the federal, state, and local levels…

The ever changing technological environment presents continuing opportunities for sweeping positive changes in how Federal Agencies can better serve the citizenry and the nation. The commercial world offers many new approaches with the potential to transform services and capabilities available to consumers. Unlike many solutions developed within the Government, these services have had their efficacy and responsiveness tested in the marketplace. These new technologies offer important potential for achieving a more citizen-centric Government if they are properly vetted and present a sound business case.

Find a link to the full document… or read the full document… after the break.

The full document [PDF] can be found here… or below:

View this document on Scribd

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January 12, 2009 at 7:42 PM

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