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Fed 100 nomination: NAPA’s Frank DiGiamarino

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I mentioned earlier that I have been posting my nominations for Federal Computer Week’s Fed 100 awards.

FCW cover, March 3, 2008I noted earlier that I was going to make — and post — a number of nominations for Federal Computer Week’s Fed 100 awards. Earlier, I posted about EPA’s Jeremy Ames… then Navy CIO Robert Carey… now NAPA’s Frank DiGiamarino for the creation of NAPA’s Collaboration Project.

Describe this person’s job
DiGiammarino serves as Vice President of Strategic Initiatives at the National Academy of Public Administration. In that role, he leads the creation and execution of special initiatives at the National Academy that can deliver innovative approaches to addressing government’s management challenges.

Describe the work for which this person is being nominated
DiGiammarino is being recognized for the creation in 2008 of NAPA’s Collaboration Project, an initiative that pulls together government 2.0 lessons learned, case studies, policies, procedures — all in a safe environment that theNAPA can provide. NAPA’s Collaboration Project has — wisely — been out front in focusing on the collaborative parts of Web 2.0, which have the particular ability to help government organizations. The Collaboration Project has brought together leaders — publicly and privately — to work on a wide range of issues from how Web 2.0 tools can work to policy considerations implicit with these tools.

What impact did this work have on the person’s organization or the larger federal IT community?
NAPA’s Collaboration Project is a unique initiative — created at a time when many other organizations were not taking Web 2.0 serious. NAPA is providing real examples of what has worked — and what hasn’t — and why. It is providing a safe place to discuss the multi-faceted issues related to Web 2.0 tools from security and privacy to policy and leadership implications implicit in Web 2.0. That work has helped agencies from the EPA to OMB do exactly what they should be doing — test the waters. With the Collaboration Project, eachinactive has built on the lessons learned of those that went before.

In what way did the nominee go above and beyond their job description?
NAPA created the Collaboration Project when Web 2.0 was nothing more than a buzz word. NAPA took a risk by making this a real focus of its work and providing real leadership for government agencies.

If needed, provide any additional background information to support this nomination
NAPA’s Collaboration Project
The collaboration gurus: The Collaboration Project, led by the National Academy of Public Administration, looks to be a center of excellence focused on the Web 2.0 world and how these tools can help government [Federal Computer Week, 03.03.2008]

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January 6, 2009 at 10:55 PM

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  1. well thanks for sharing these 100 nominations

    Computer Tools

    January 7, 2009 at 3:25 PM

  2. […] were notified this week and at least two CJD nominees were winners: Navy CIO Robert Carey, and Frank DiGiamarino, vice president of strategic initiatives at the National Academy of Public […]

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