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Most read DorobekInsider posts for 2008

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I started the in late-August — well, actually in September, when all was really running. My goal was — and is — to be a place where people can get information that helps them do their jobs better and to help build a community. It follows more than three years of blogging at Federal Computer Week and as the FCW Insider.

So this list actually represents slightly more than a quarter rather then the full year, but… given that it is the end of 2008, it’s the list we’ll use. But it does represent the top posts so far. And yes, this is most of them. I put the top ones here… and you can read the full list after the break.

Some brief explanations: The list isn’t totally scientific. In the Web world, these numbers and rankings are indications, but like most data, they have to be interpreted. So, for example, not everybody clicks on a specific item. I will also note that I have not include the ‘most read items from the past 7-days’ items in the list. There were actually 228 items for the year, while this list includes only 219.

All of that being said… the top posts for (part of) 2008:

  1. FCW gets a new editor — and the new 1105 GovInfo marketing person is official
  2. HUD CIO Lisa Schlosser to join to EPA
  3. Navy out with one of the first Web 2.0 policy
  4. About the and Christopher J. Dorobek
  5. Interior’s Howell to move to OMB
  6. Who might be the government’s CIO… er, CTO
  7. A correction… and a even bigger congratulations to Microsoft’s Teresa Carlson
  8. Obama CTO frenzy: More names in the mix
  9. We talk to the new head at Unisys federal
  10. OMB’s Tim Young is going to… Yes, we now we know
  11. Microsoft federal names a CTO — a chief transition officer
  12. OMB’s Tim Young announces his departure, but to where
  13. Another big score for Deloitte — Tom Davis
  14. GSA names Tyree Varnado to lead its acquisition shop
  15. Hear the Navy CIO talk about the Navy’s Web 2.0 policy
  16. Read a draft of the much discussed OMB CIO memo
  17. News on OMB’s Tim Young… today?
  18. The Federal News Radio Book Club: The Speed of Trust by Stephen M.R. Covey
  19. FCW’s Fed 100 Awards: Recognizing the good work done in 2008 with the annual awards nominations
  20. Tech guru Genachowski named to Obama transition team
  21. IAC meets with Team Obama
  22. Apps for Democracy… and my recommendation for Obama’s CTO
  23. Obama’s yet-to-be-named CTO suggestion box
  24. Hearing that Interior has named a new CIO
  25. Evans offers details on the coming memo defining the CIO
  26. Dee Lee wins ACT/IAC’s prestigious ACT/IAC Mendenhall award
  27. The 10.22 Marty Wagner update… with good news
  28. Gartner’s 10 technologies worth watching
  29. DorobekInsider: Why feds may not be able to use YouTube
  30. The 09.16 Marty Wagner update
  31. @barackobama: Where are you? Obama’s Twitter feed goes dark
  32. CORRECTED: Microsoft Federal promotes Calson
  33. DorobekInsider: TSA blog as a government 2.0 example
  34. Celebrating a happy new (fiscal) year with the next generation
  35. 1105 Media scores with a big return… and a new GovInfo marketing person
  36. Positive reviews for the new FAS commissioner
  37. The big government CIO challenge: people… The most critical technology: Web 2.0
  38. Federal News Radio — the next generation (See our new studios)
  39. Tim Young’s retirement festivities
  40. DorobekInsider: FedTimes reports DOD comptroller is leaving
  41. The run of the geeks — their term, not mine
  42. A government 2.0 movie — really
  43. Why CIOs — or any agency leader — can — and maybe should — blog
  44. Worth watching — A National Dialogue: OMB taps into the power of us
  45. NewsBytes: Items worth reading (or hearing)… NASA undergoing hacks… Vivek Kundra… government 2.0… and Safavian pardon watch
  46. USCG’s Adm. Thad Allen talks government 2.0
  47. Got my tux out for the GCN Awards Gala tonight
  48. Doan sings the Army fight song — radio gold
  49. Is the NASA CIO stepping down? More Frididay
  50. DorobekInsider: Sending positive thoughts to GSA’s Bev Godwin and her son
  51. Some buzz on FCW’s new editor… and the note sent to staff
  52. What would you ask Team Obama — now open for questions
  53. Hear the Federal News Radio Book Club: The Speed of Trust
  54. Dorobek Insider: GITEC starts to embrace change
  55. NASA CIO Pettus: Stepping down to spend time with his family — really
  56. FCW excerpt of ‘The SPEED of Trust’ — in preparation for Wednesday’s Federal News Radio Book Club
  57. What would you ask presidential candidate representatives?
  58. Tapscott on the Obama CTO: It’s about collaboration
  59. Disruptive technologies on the horizon – from the National Intelligence Council’s viewpoint
  60. IAC transition reports are out… and we’ll hear from them Tuesday on Federal News Radio 1500 AM In fact, you can hear them — and read the documents — here
  61. DorobekInsider: Site worth watching —
  62. DorobekInsider: Check out ‘Virtual Alabama’ Tuesday
  63. GSA delays Alliant again, but… you’d but you’d never know it from the press release
  64. An introduction to the
  65. An amazing Rising Star’s view of government 2.0… and GovLoop
  66. The DorobekInsider Guide: Experimenting with Twitter, Part II
  67. Hearing from the creator of
  68. Mintz’s daughter on The Daily Show
  69. A happy birthday to… Joanne Connelly and Lisa Schlosser
  70. Oprah thinks the Kindle is great too!
  71. DorobekInsider: EPA ahead in govt 2.0 — this time its radon
  72. DorobekInsider: More shifts at GSA
  73. Kudos to ACT/IAC’s Kelly Olson is one to watch
  74. Monday’s Quote of the Day coming from Tweets from Gartner’s Symposium
  75. CJD’s brush with greatness – e-book edition
  76. DorobekInsider: Happy birthday Steve Krauss
  77. NASA CIO update… the CIO job is posted, but no official word yet
  78. Graves the new DHS deputy CIO
  79. Today on the Daily Debrief: U.S. Coast Guard 2.0 with Adm. Thad Allen
  80. IAC’s ELC 2008 — Sunday night: political analyst Charlie Cook
  81. DorobekInsider: Feds making a difference in Nicaragua
  82. Krumholtz, Microsoft’s K Street legend, is leaving
  83. Google’s Schmidt as the Obama administrations CTO
  84. Obit: Christina Nelson, formerly of the Digital Government Institute
  85. Happy birthday to… Karen Evans
  86. DorobekInsider: Increasingly impressed by the NASA Goddard CIO
  87. DorobekInsider: BusinessWeek says DOD dealing with counterfiet computer chips
  88. Happy Veteran’s Day 2008
  89. OMB to memo on the role of the CIO (Hint: There should be one)
  90. The food of ELC 2008 — Sunday night, Oct. 26
  91. And the GIT Rockin’ winner is… Cobb
  92. Happy birthday to… Phil Bond and George Stone
  93. ELC 2008 — the year without Marty… but, with the Oct. 28 report, real progress
  94. DorobekInsider: Happy birthday to GSA’s Martha Dorris
  95. GSA’s Johnson and DLA’s Scheubert up for recognition
  96. DorobekInsider: TSA’s insights into government 2.0
  97. EPA’s national dialogue — a good start at government transparency
  98. OMB’s CIO memo is official
  99. DorobekInsider: — the rest of the story
  100. Fun worth having — tonight’s GIT Rockin’
  101. Brasseux named GSA’s deputy administrator
  102. Presidential cookies… and your privacy
  103. The Estrin interview on innovation
  104. Hearing from Bruce McConnell about Bruce McConnell
  105. @obama may be gone, but @change_gov is born
  106. DorobekInsider: Doan-Palin — separated at birth
  107. DorobekInsider: Hear about EPA’s radon program for yourself
  108. DorobekInsider: My favorite spam: From: Ministr of the Treasury Paulson [A CJD-fav for 2008]
  109. It’s official — the OMB CIO memo, that is
  110. More on the Federal News Radio Book Club with FCW
  111. Happy birthday to… rising star Steve Ressler
  112. Another Oracle buy… this time Haley
  113. Happy birthday to OMB’s Tim Young
  114. Getting insights into government 2.0
  115. DorobekInsider: Federal News Radio exclusive with GSA’s Tyree Varnado
  116. Grassley likely to keep his hold on Williams’ GSA nomination
  117. Team Obama’s — abuzz about how it was created
  118. Happy birthday to… GTSI’s Leslie Barry
  119. The DorobekInsider guide: Experimenting with Twitter, part I
  120. The DorobekInsider on DC’s NewsChannel 8 tonight
  121. The DorobekInsider Obama reader — Part one: Some of the tea leaves
  122. Dorobek Insider: Neighbors rooting for Marty Wagner
  123. Talking about the innovation gap on the Daily Debrief
  124. 1105 GovInfo’s Nancy Ferris to retire
  125. DorobekInsider: GSA’s Sawislak to stay at GSA
  126. 11.30.2008 NewsBytes: Obama jobs… fiscal discipline, and an OMB director blog?
  127. The Obama-McCain ELC government IT “debate”
  128. DorobekInsider: Who’s going to be the acting Interior Department CIO
  129. What are the big issues for state and local CIOs — and what isn’t
  130. What Deirdre Murray does with her weekends
  131. DorobekInsider: Safavian indicted — again
  132. McConnell International sold to Clinton-Rubin
  133. DorobekInsider: Godspeed to Bob Suda’s mother
  134. Time names intel community’s A-Space of 2008’s best innovations
  135. Does the government need a CTO?
  136. Get out there and vote today… and let people know how it goes
  137. Happy birthday to… Bruce McConnell
  138. poll: What do you think of Obama’s team so far?
  139. DorobekInsider: Happy birthday to… NAPA’s Lena Trudeau
  140. A very happy Thanksgiving
  141. Report urges candidates to focus on innovation
  142. Get ready — change is coming to Washington
  143. VA CIO Bob Howard reportedly has a new gig
  144. DorobekInsider: Godspeed to Kurt Kelman
  145. Hear the discussion of OMB’s CIO memo for yourself
  146. Too much good stuff for a Friday radio show
  147. One of my favorite stories of the week: Obama and Zunegate
  148. DorobekInsider: The government’s newest blog: The U.S. Fire Administration
  149. State CIOs name Pam Walker to head government affairs
  150. The DorobekInsider meets with DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff
  151. DorobekInsider: GSA’s Reed moves to HQ
  152. The president-elect announces his science and technology team, but no CTO yet
  153. DorobekInsider: What’s the impact of Wall Street woes?
  154. Reminder: The Federal News Radio Book Club today talking about The Speed of Trust
  155. DorobekInsider: ‘Enough about me… what do you think about me?’
  156. Happy Halloween… by the numbers (Thanks Census)
  157. DorobekInsider: DNI makes info-sharing part of performance
  158. Tracking Santa… even on Twitter
  159. DorobekInsider: NOAA’s Lautenbacher to take his leave
  160. More food from ELC — Monday lunch
  161. DorobekInsider brush with the famous: Michael Chertoff
  162. IAC’s transition documents… read them — and hear about them
  163. Helping returning warfighters: Operation Jump Start
  164. Weekend extra: We go to the dogs
  165. Denett’s Interior connection
  166. The Federal News Radio book club ahead this Wednesday
  167. NewsBytes — the November 28 edition… Bush gets a cyber-attack briefing… and the TARP job search
  168. DorobekInsider poll: What do you make of OMB’s CIO memo?
  169. DorobekInsider: On the covers of the trades
  170. Kempf GSA’s new FAS deputy
  171. DorobekInsider: More info on the passing of Suda’s mother
  172. A video walking tour of Federal News Radio 1500 AM’s new studio
  173. DorobekInsider: Seeking visibility in the federal budget process
  174. DorobekInsider: Hear GSA’s Varnado… and get more information about Networx today
  175. Election night — what to watch
  176. Happy birthday to… Helen Mosher
  177. DorobekInsider: overwhelmed
  178. Group pushes for an “open government”
  179. DorobekInsider:… a slight correction
  180. The first take at leadership in a new Obama or McCain administration
  181. DorobekInsider poll: Is Government 2.0 real?
  182. DorobekInsider: GCN reporting troubles with the E-Gov Act
  183. DorobekInsider: Care about what you do!
  184. DorobekInsider: Happy birthday to Washington Technology’s Nick Wakeman
  185. USDA’s Christopherson speaks
  186. Fed 100 deadline postponed… happy Christmas
  187. DorobekInsider: FBI CIO retiring
  188. DorobekInsider: Happy birthday to Murphy and Germain
  189. Cureton exits the GITEC Board
  190. SmartBuy to be added to the FAR
  191. DorobekInsider: The Wall Street crisis could impact the government too
  192. DorobekInsider: BlackBerry or spouse? Hmmmm
  193. Where did Robert Burton go?
  194. DorobekInsider: More on EPA’s Radon govenment 2.0 experiment
  195. DorobekInsider: The Varnado speaking coup
  196. The food of the Tim Young retirement lunch
  197. DorobekInsider: Two government (related) pubs shutter
  198. Happy birthday to… Palm’s Ryan McGrath
  199. Story mentioned on air… Vets using technology to recover from stress disorders
  200. Visiting DC’s “Googleplex”
  201. Happy birthday to them this weekend
  202. DorobekInsider: What the Wall Street mess means to you
  203. Hurricane response 2.0
  204. DorobekInsider: A debt sign of the times
  205. DorobekInsider: Questions the presidential candidates should debate
  206. Recommended read: 8 ways tech shaped the 2008 vote
  207. A happy birthday to Charlie Church
  208. Palm federal has layoffs
  209. Google’s Chrome browser
  210. Halloween at Federal News Radio
  211. DorobekInsider: House members can post to YouTube
  212. What are the biggest stories for government in 2008?
  213. Safavian to be tried — again
  214. DorobekInsider: Our issues amid the great debate
  215. Monday’s must-reads

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