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DorobekInsider brush with the famous: Michael Chertoff

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chertoffI mentioned that I had the chance to sit down with DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff on Tuesday as part of a meeting with bloggers that he has undertaken. In actuality, not all of them were bloggers, but… whatever. It was great to spend an hour with theDHS Secretary.

So the people who attended were Rich Cooper of Catalyst Partners and contributor to the Security Debrief blog; Daniel Fowler, homeland security reporter for Congressional Quarterly; Michael Santarcangelo, founder and chief security strategist for Security Catalyst, and Mary Mosquera of Federal Computer Week.

We covered a lot of ground — FEMA, the new team, transition, inauguration issues, cyber-security — and I have to run upstairs to WTOP 103.5 FM to talk about it, but… I’ll work, work, work to get it all posted.

In brief:

  • FEMA: Keep it with DHS
  • Inauguration: Working with the local jurisdictions to make sure everybody is safe
  • Transition recommendations: Give the agency time to settle in before undertaking another reorganization
  • Self-assessment: Katrina was the low point, but he is proud that it has been more than 7-years since a terrorist attack. That isn’t allDHS, but DHS played a role
  • A blogger round-table: He liked the conversations and would recommend it to the next administration

More details later.

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December 10, 2008 at 2:18 PM

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  1. Boing boing?

    Francis Rose

    December 10, 2008 at 8:39 PM

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