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One of my favorite stories of the week: Obama and ZuneGate

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One of the funniest stories of the week was about what type of MP3 player President-elect Obama uses — Apple’s hyper-popular iPod or Microsoft’s much less popular Zune.

Here is how the’s BusinessTechnology blog reports it:

Obama ZuneGate, Day Two

Barack Obama: Zune man? Or Apple fanboy?

Yesterday the Philadelphia City Paper ignited a controversy over the question, with a blog entry that included the innocuous detail that the President-elect was working out while listening to the Microsoft (not Apple!) music player.

But today a spokesman puts the vicious rumor to rest. “Not true, the President-elect uses an iPod,” he says. And the Philadelphia writer, Neal Santos, blogs today: “It could belong to one of the many Secret Service dudes that were at the gym, Michelle, or even one of his daughters.”

That hasn’t stopped the merriment within the community — and yes, there is one — of Zune users, who are drastically outnumbered by iPod fans.

“For now we’re claiming the president-elect one of our own,” writes Adam Krebs on Zune Thoughts. On the site’s forums, Alber1690 writes “I was a staunch Hillary supporter, but this is awesome! I’m excited for the future of this country.”

“I don’t know if he can institute all of this change that everyone expects from him but he has impressed me once again,” writes Zune Max. “If the Zune team was on top of things they would send Obama some more Zunes for the new cabinet so they can Zunecast each other.”

Continue reading this item here.

Others had reported earlier that Obama was a Mac user. So… we’ll keep watch on Zune-gate.

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December 7, 2008 at 10:26 PM

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