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NewsBytes — the November 28 edition… Bush gets a cyber-attack briefing… and TARP job search

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On this Black Friday, there are two stories that caught my eye — in addition to the continuing story out of India, of course…

* Cyber-attack on Defense Department computers raises concerns [LAT, 11.28.2008]

Just days ago, I pointed to the BusinessWeek story about attacks on NASA networks… Today, the LAT has a story about cyber-attacks on DOD systems — attacks so severe that military leaders briefed President Bush. This synopsis from the

Senior military leaders took the exceptional step of briefing President Bush this week on a severe and widespread electronic attack on Defense Department computers that may have originated in Russia — an incursion that posed unusual concern among commanders and raised potential implications for national security. Defense officials would not describe the extent of damage inflicted on military networks. But they said that the attack struck hard at networks within U.S. Central Command, the headquarters that oversees U.S. involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan, and affected computers in combat zones. The attack also penetrated at least one highly protected classified network.

Read the full story here.

* Rescue Plan Strained by Lack of Staff [WSJ, 11.28.2008]

The WSJ reports that the Treasury Department’s Troubled Asset Relief Program is having trouble getting qualified staff. Again, synopsis from the WSJ :

The U.S. Treasury has so far struggled to keep up with the task of hiring enough people to handle the $700 billion financial rescue package passed by Congress in October. The man now in charge of running the Troubled Asset Relief Program, Assistant Secretary NeelKashkari, said the department’s Office of Financial Stability, with about 40 full-time employees, is operating at half-staff.

Read the full story here [registration required] or temporarily for free here.

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November 28, 2008 at 11:41 AM

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