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OMB’s Tim Young is going to… Yes, we now know

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We’ve been chasing it down for you. The DorobekInsider reported earlier this week that Tim Young has announced that he is leaving the Office of Management and Budget. Then this morning Young said that we might know where he was going by the end of the day.

And we do… I have confirmed that Young will be joining Deloitte come January after taking the rest of the year off.

I know it was a difficult decision for Young, who had a number of good offers… and it is a coup for Deloitte.

Congratulations to Young.

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November 12, 2008 at 6:21 PM

News on OMB’s Tim Young… today?

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The DorobekInsider reported earlier this week that Tim Young has announced that he is leaving the Office of Management and Budget. The big question still outstanding is… where is he going?

Young was a speaker at the AFCEA Bethesda, Md. chapter’s Health IT Day this morning and he confirmed that next Friday, Nov. 21, will be his last day at OMB.

The question still lingering is where is he going.

He said this morning that we’ll hear this afternoon or tomorrow… or maybe this afternoon!

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November 12, 2008 at 9:38 AM

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@barackobama: Where are you? Obama’s Twitter feed goes silent

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Where has @barackobama gone?

Where has @barackobama gone?

Eight days after the election and the Twitter feed of Barack Obama has gone silent.

Now President-elect Obama has recieved a lot of praise for his use of social networking to stay in touch with voters. And he received praise for using the microblogging site Twitter, which essentially asks the question: What are you doing now? And Obama’s campaign would post links to campaign informatino and videos.

Obama’s Twitter feed, which can be seen at, has 128,043 people following it.

But the last post was on election night.

Some in the social networking world quickly noticed that the Twitter feed had slowed and were wondering whether President-elect Obama would continue the feed. But now bigger sites have started to notice. Here is how the Silicon Valley blog ValleyWag put it:

@barackobama: Please update your Twitter. Since last Tuesday’s historic election, Barack Obama’s Twitter account hasn’t sent any messages. Some Internet President-Elect! He didn’t even use Twitter to announce his transition website, — and what is Twitter for, really, if not spamming your friends with your latest URL? There’s no better sign that his 127,196 followers have been pumped and dumped — Twittered into contributing money and time, and then passed over for more presidential means of communication. Like, say, press conferences.

Ah, one of the challenges of the connected world — people actually want to stay in touch.

AND… don’t know what Twitter is or why people use it or for those of you who are at all curious, tonight, I’ll post my Twitter primer — who to follow on Twitter to get a feel for what this is.

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November 12, 2008 at 7:17 AM

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