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DorobekInsider’s most read items for the week

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The most read DorobekInsider items for the past 7-days

  1. Navy out with one of the first Web 2.0 policy memos
  2. Hear the Navy CIO talk about the Navy’s Web 2.0 policy
  3. The Federal News Radio Book Club: The Speed of Trust by Stephen M.R. Covey
  4. Tech guru Genachowski named to Obama transition team
  5. The run of the geeks — their term, not mine
  6. Who might be the government’s CIO… er, CTO
  7. Get out there and vote today… and let people know how it goes
  8. Get ready — change is coming to Washington
  9. More on the Federal News Radio Book club with FCW
  10. Google’s Schmidt as the Obama administration’s CTO
  11. Election night — what to watch
  12. Time names intel community’s A-Space one of the best innovations of 2008 [Federal News Radio’s Max Cacus has a report on A-Space this past week.]
  13. EPA’s national dialogue — a good start at government transparency
  14. Dee Lee wins ACT/IAC’s prestigious ACT/IAC Mendenhall award
  15. We talk to the new head at Unisys federal
  16. The 10.22 Marty Wagner update… with good news
  17. The Obama-McCain ELC government IT “debate

Some of CJD’s favorite interviews from Federal News Radio’s Daily Debrief with Chris Dorobek and Amy Morris

And I’m going to keep reminding you about the Federal News Radio Book Club — our first book is up in just a few weeks — The Speed of Trust. Get the details here and here for how we’re working with FCW. Come join us. Federal News Radio’s Internet Editor Dorothy Ramienski has been reading the book and comes in every day with words of wisdom for us. So… Join us and share your wisdom… November 19 is coming up.

Written by cdorobek

November 10, 2008 at 9:58 AM

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