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The 10.22 Marty Wagner update… with good news

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I’ve been watching Marty Wagner. For those of you who don’t know, Wagner had a serious accident in July and has been in something akin to a coma since then. [Previous posts here… and here.] But… Marty Wagner’s family posted what could be some good news.

From their update on


The great news is that Martin is waking up and coming out of his unresponsive/unaware state. He is alert and can respond to visual and verbal cues. He nods yes and shakes his head no in response to simple questions. Sometimes he frowns and looks as if he is thinking hard about the answer to give. He gave his brother a pretty good version of a “high-5” this weekend. He is also moving his lips and murmuring. Some of his nurses claim to understand him, but it is clear that he is trying to form words. Family have also confirmed he is pursing his lips to return a kiss. So, all of these are encouraging signs of cognitive improvement and we hope it will continue. We are firm in our belief that it is the result of all the bedside visits, reading and chatter about goings on in the world, from all of you friends and colleagues. So, a big thank you to everyone of you for helping encourage Martin. He is doing well with breathing but is certainly still at risk and it is not clear when he might leave the pulmonary floor of the Woodbine facility. We will keep you posted on further developments and hope that many of you will soon see for yourselves how alert he can be.

And I continue to believe that all of your thoughts help. Thanks!

Keep up the good work, Marty!

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October 21, 2008 at 9:34 PM

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  1. […] Last week, we got word that Wagner has been showing progress… and then, tonight, word of real progress. Martin has begun to actually repeat and say basic words. He has very distinctly been repeating numbers, the alphabet, names and other words with some of us. What a joy to hear him say family names, including his own! Staff tell us that he can count to ten by himself. He now answers with the word “yes” to questions, unfortunately even when the answer should be no. Regardless, we think it is very impressive since he was in a vegetative state just two weeks ago! The speech therapist has given us a number of tips to help him vocalize. We are very encouraged by this development since it is the first clear sign to us of his cognitive recovery potential. […]

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