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Monday’s Quote of the Day coming from Tweets from Gartner’s Symposium

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As Twittered by Gartner from the Gartner Symposium/ITExpo going on down at Disney World in Orlando:

This one has to be the quote of the day:

* Gartner analyst Whit Andrews “The age of conspicuous consumption is over; the age of conspicuous frugality starts now”

* #Gartner Whit Andrews “This is no downturn; this is a crisis”

* #Gartner Sondergaard identifies top 10 Gartner recommendations for cost optimization for attendees at Symposium in Orlando

* #Gartner Sondergaard “The top recommendation for cost optimization = reduce headcount/freeze hiring”

Read more about this at

A few other good items coming from Orlando:

* #Gartner Harris, live at Symposium Opening Keynote: “Innovation is a people concern, not a technology concern”

* Harris: “2 out of 5 users report using non-company owned devices on company systems and networks”

* #Gartner Harris “technical expertise is no longer the exclusive domain of IT”

* #Gartner Kathy Harris live: “Business is not waiting for IT”

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October 13, 2008 at 8:57 AM

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