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DorobekInsider: GCN reporting troubles with the E-Gov Act

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FCW and GCN are reporting that the bill to reauthorize the E-Government Act of 2002 has hit a “sudden and unexpected snag.”

The problem: A last-minute big by Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) to attach an amendment regarding privacy.

GCN editor in chief Wyatt Kash got the story:

Privacy amendment stalls e-gov bill [, Sept. 25, 2008]

A Senate bill to reauthorize the E-Government Act of 2002, which had been approved and was set for a floor vote, hit a sudden and unexpected snag today that puts a number of government information technology initiatives on hold or in limbo.

S. 2321, the E-Government Re-authorization Act of 2007, was intended to extend through 2012 appropriations for programs whose authorizations have expired and create new requirements for accessibility of government information.

It also provided mandates to develop best practices to enhance privacy impact assessments. The bill was sponsored by Sen. Joseph Lieberman (I-Conn.), chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee.

However, a last-minute bid by Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) to attach an amendment to the re-authorization act has stalled the bill, according to legislative and executive branch sources. And with the Senate due to adjourn, the bill will effectively die.

Sources said the amendment placed controversial new requirements for protecting personal individual information and restrictions on data brokers. Efforts to move the amendment to another bill proved unsuccessful and instead led to deadlock, sources said.

More here.

I still don’t fully have a sense as to what this means. Ideas welcome.

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September 25, 2008 at 7:54 PM

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Dorobek Insider: Neighbors rooting for Marty Wagner

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I’ve been tracking the condition of Martin “Marty” Wagner fairly closely. On July 6, Wagner fell off the roof of his Arlington, VA house and has essentially been in a coma since then.

Wagner’s neighbors are rooting for him. One of his neighbors was good enough to send me this photo of a sign that is in the Cherrydale neighborhood of Arlington, VA.

We’re all rooting for you, Marty!

As I always do in these instances… I will have Wagner updates when there are significant developments. From regular updates from the family, there are two ways to stay updated.

This site was created by Bruce McConnell for Wagner’s wife and they post updates there regularly.

* CarePages
As I have mentioned, I have been really impressed with, part of Steve Case’s Revolution Health organization. CarePages is a Web site that helps the family provide information about sick family members. You can find it at (Once there, you have to register… and then you can search for “MartinWagner” — no space.)

* If you want to send something to Wagner or his family…

I will continue to be a funnel. You can send something to me at Federal News Radio. The address is here:

Christopher Dorobek
for Martin Wagner
c/o Federal News Radio 1500 AM WFED
3400 Idaho Ave, NW
Washington, DC 20016

I’ll make sure it gets to the family.

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September 25, 2008 at 2:13 PM

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DorobekInsider: GSA’s Reed moves to HQ

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We told you about it earlier, but the official notice has been sent out:

Reed Moves to Administrator’s Office

GSA Acting Administrator James Williams has named Anthony Reed his Special Assistant effective September 24, 2008. Reed has served as GSA’s Regional Administrator of the National Capital Region since June, 2007. In his new role, Reed will provide support to GSA executives on several key initiatives including continuity and transition.

As the head of GSA’s largest region, Reed oversaw a real estate portfolio of 93 million square feet–an inventory of over 880 government–owned and leased facilities that house nearly 300,000 federal workers. In addition to continued service as GSA’s Chief of Staff, John Phelps will assume the role of Acting Regional Administrator of the National Capital Region.

Prior to joining GSA, Reed served as the Assistant Secretary of the Maryland Department of General Services.

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September 25, 2008 at 8:34 AM

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DorobekInsider: Happy birthday to GSA’s Martha Dorris

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Martha Dorris

Martha Dorris

A very happy birthday to Martha Dorris, who is GSA’s deputy associate administrator in charge of the Office of Citizen Services. Her office oversees, among other things, the federal government Web portal, (If you have any doubt that she loves her work, check out the license plate on her car!) In her non-work hours, she heads the American Council for Technology (ACT). She also serves as the head of the corresponding International Council for Information Technology in Government Administration (ICA).

I’m sure it’s purely coincidential, but…’s blog, GovGab, is also celebrating its one-year birthday. (And check out the new multi-media press release — PR 2.0, if you will.)

Big events on this date:

* 1493 Christopher Columbus set sail from Cadiz, Spain, with a flotilla of 17 ships on his second voyage to the Western Hemisphere.
* 1775 American Revolutionary War hero Ethan Allen was captured by the British as he led an attack on Montreal.
* 1789 The first United States Congress adopted 12 amendments to the Constitution and sent them to the states for ratification. (Ten of the amendments became the Bill of Rights.)
* 1890 Mormon president Wilford Woodruff issued a manifesto formally renouncing the practice of polygamy.
* 1981 Sandra Day O’Connor was sworn in as the first female justice on the U.S. Supreme Court.
* 2001 Michael Jordan announced he was returning to basketball with the NBA’s Washington Wizards.

Sharing Dorris’ birthday:

* Actor Will Smith, who turns 40
* News woman Barbara Walters (79)
* Defense Secretary Robert Gates (65)
* Actor Michael Douglas (64)
* Star Wars actor Mark Hamill (57 — you’re kidding, right? 57?)
* Actress Heather Locklear (47)
* Acress Catherine Zeta-Jones (39 — OK, both Douglas and Zeta-Jones have the same birthday and they’re married. Hmmm.)

People born on this date in history:

* William Faulkner (9/25/1897 – 7/6/1962): American Nobel Prize-winning novelist and short story writer (Read more about Faulkner over at PRI’s Writer’s Almanac.)
* Melville Bissell (9/25/1843 – 3/15/1889), the American inventor of the carpet sweeper
* Mark Rothko (9/25/1903 – 2/25/1970), American Abstract Expressionist painter
* John V. Dodge (9/25/1909 – 4/23/1991), American publishing executive of the Encyclopedia Britannica
* Glenn Gould (9/25/1932 – 10/4/1982), Canadian pianist

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