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So I discovered a new Web site: FedScoop. The site pulls the news from various news sources — GovExec, FCW, GCNFederal News Radio — and puts them all in one place. So it trys to bring all the headlines together for you.

The site also has some of the popular federal blogs — with one noticeable missing blog! (They tell me the Dorobek Insider will make the page.)

The site is pulled together by Goldy Kamali, who is vice president of business development, public sector at Adventos.

Of course, I have just a few critiques:

  • ID yourself: This site, like many sites out there these days, doesn’t say specifically who put it together. Why? In the age of transparency, why not say who did the work? Have a way to contact that person.
  • Great layout: The site was designed by FaraJoomla and it is very sleek.
  • FedScoop vs RSS feeds: I’m guessing that FedScoop pulls from RSS feeds, so… in the end, why would somebody not just use RSS feeds? We’ll see.

Over all, the site is nice looking and it is great to be able to find stuff in one place. It will be interesting to see how it develops.

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September 24, 2008 at 11:23 PM

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  1. […] Earlier I told you about, a new Web site — in fact, it was just “officially” launched yesterday — that pulls together information from many of the government publications. […]

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